by Benita

True Guardian Angel Stories

My daughter died from cancer in 2008, Our lord Jesus has been helping me get through my grief and pain.

One night I was so sad just hurt over my loss, I went to sleep I had a dream it was snowing and raining, the wind was blowing and it was night, In this dream, I took a blue blanket and laid in the middle of the street and went to sleep with the drops of snow as well as rain falling on me when I woke up the police was all around me they were collecting my dna,

So in this dream I walked home my daughter was waiting on me , I opened the door I said Shanile she said momie, I said Shanile you would not believe what I did last night , she said momie what did you do?

I said I slept in the middle of the street all night, she said momie why did you do that, I said because I was sad and hurt about what happen to you she then said momie you must trust GOD she said if you keep doing that you see that vein on the side of your head it is going to rapture and I hope you make it over,

I then said Shanile how does GOD look and her reponse was like you then she smiled and I woke up, I believe jesus had mercy on me and allowed my daughter to come to me to let me know she is a angel now so do not worry or stress but trust in God with your whole heart mind and soul because he is the king of glory he is my life .

Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story
angel - guide .com

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True Guardian Angel Stories - A confirmation answer

by Janice

True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by Janice

My guardian angel instantly gave me a solid confirmation of my curiosity. Am I an "Earth Angel"?

I sat in front of the television with my husband tonight...I had a constant nagging feeling to look into the angel's number meanings since I've been seeing a lot of patterns in my daily life.

I then came across many websites that helped me understand what it means to be an earth angel...But I still had my doubts.

And so I asked, "please guide me to what I should know about me". Suddenly a movie that my husband just began watching (after changing the channel) played the song, "Earth Angel"...

I was shaken in shock when I got my answer within seconds. Not to mention in clear answer. I felt a huge sigh of relief to know that I have a guardian angel with me at all times, and that they are always there to guide us...

I now have my confirmation.

Thank you for Sharing your True Guardian Angel Story and Connecting with Angels Abound

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My Best Friend Saraiah - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Airabella

that what my wings look like, but they're white and purple.

that what my wings look like, but they're white and purple.

True Guardian Angel Stories

My Best Friends heavenly name, is Saraiah,
and he's my Angel.

we don't know how, but he stopped me from committing suicide, maybe because I was meant to meet him, but he's my best friend, and I would die for him as he would die for me, and he's an Angel, but a person too. and his amazing, and he lead me to becoming an angel too, so I'm an angel in training, and I can feel my wings glowing as I type this. hahaha, but that's my angel my best friend,

thank you for submitting your true guardian angel story

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My guardian angel defies gravity!

by Ronald Allridge
(Anchorage,AK )

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Ronald

Angel Encounter Story

I sold firewood for a living in Soldotna, Alaska,a small town on the Kenia Penninsula in the 80's.

Jobs were scarce so I bought a 3/4 ton pickup and a chainsaw and began cutting and selling firewood for a living.

At the time I was making a delivery . I drove down a steep hill to get to my customer who was not there to accept the load or make payment. I then turned around to go home.

When I was almost to the top of the steep hill, my truck suddenly stalled. My brakes would not work because the truck had to be on for them to function. I started to carreer back down the hill with a deep ravine off to the right with a full cord of wood in the back on glare ice.(It had rained and frozen the day before) Right when I gave up and gave my ass to God and,scrunched my eyes closed the truck stopped on an uphill grade!

Even if my brakes were working I wouldnt have been able to stop with a full load of wood on ice that slippery. It was physically impossible. I have been a student of the Masters for over 30 years and I know that I have strong guardian angels who watch and guide. I have proof.

Sincerely yours

Ron Allridge


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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A True Angel

by Margurette Dailey

True Guardian Angel Story

It was during my high school years that this angel came into my life.

I often saw her in the hallways and would often say hi to her.I knew there was something special about her but I couldn't quite figure it out.

Then in my junior year I was blessed to have her for a teacher for two classes a day.I still couldn't figure out why she was an angel until one night I received a call that deeply upset me.

My grandmother had passed away in her sleep and when I returned to school the following week,
my red haired angel kindly let me stay in the room while the other students went to the auditorium for something else.

When they had left with the aide,I went to get a piece of paper and she smiled and said "Maggie,do you need a hug".

I walked over to her and she wrapped her arms around me and made me feel better knowing that I had not only a teacher but a true angel.

This angel's name is Kathleen Larson

Thank you for submitting your true guardian angel story

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Comforted in times of need - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Warren
(Bedfordshire, UK)

Comforted in times of need - True Guardian Angel Stories

I had been in an on and off relationship with someone for 4 or so years, we had really got close in late 2008 again, and this time thought we were really meant for each other.

Fast forward to the summer of 2009, where one afternoon she had just decided to wipe me out of her life for good...deleted me from all her social networking sites we were friends on, and she told me she didn't think we were meant to be together anymore.

Of course I was devastated, i'd given 4 years of my life to this lady and she had broken my heart again.

At 2am that morning, I went to bed and stood at my bedroom window, in tears asking for the Angels to help me, and to send me a sign that they were there and listening to me.

I finished my talk with them and went to bed...10 minutes later, I heard some faint singing outside my bedroom window, almost like a church choir, and they weren't singing any words...just "lalala" over and over in beautiful harmony, and it got louder and louder until it eventually stopped.

At first I was quite taken aback as i'd never experienced anything like this before, I didn't even get out of bed to look out of my window, but I was comforted to know that they WERE there and they WERE listening. I haven't told this story to friends or family as they'd probably think i'm nuts, but I know the truth and I know they were there then, and I know they're there now as i've been finding a lot of white feathers while i've been out and about the past two weeks.

May I also say that whomever my angels are, they have beautiful singing voices, and I would like to thank them for being there and showing me love when I thought I was broken hearted and alone, and i'd like to thank them for even helping me now :).


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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True Guardian Angel Stories - Encountered With An Angel Fairie In My Dream

by Miji Valenzuela
(New York)



True Guardian Angel Stories

In my dream I saw a beautiful angel fairie with the most beautiful colors I have ever seen in my life.

My boyfriend, who is a veteran from the Marines about two years ago, was in Iraq we were accompanied with two more Marine brothers.

In the dream one of the brothers says guys it is time to split that way we will be safer and later on we will meet up. I told my boyfriend, "CARLOS" I will guide him to safety. I took him to a beautiful path that lead to the most beautiful garden my eyes have ever seen especially in the middle of the war that we were in.

In the middle of the garden, there sitting sideways, was the most beautiful angel fairie alive. She didn't say a word, just sat there staring at Carlos and me. She was smiling, and surrounding her were birds chirping, butterflies, green grass, many beautiful and different color flowers.

We both felt like we made it to heaven. My boyfriend ask, "Millie, how did you find this awesome and beautiful place". All I remember saying is I was told to protect you to guide you and this is where it lead me to be and that is when I awoke wondering if it was really a dream. 'Till this day I still remember it as if I just dream't it.

I hope this you enjoyed it as much as much as I loved dreaming it. It gave me hope, my faith much stronger and for sure I know that our loving LORD is watching over HIS children; especially our soldiers.

God Bless You, Miji Valenzuela

Thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Story

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Angels in the church

by Ramman Shittu
(New Jersey, USA)

True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by Ramman

Hi, I'm ramman, and I was fourteen at this time of my encounter.

This is my angel story.
I was going for a crusade in Canada for Mountain of Fire. There was a lot of people there, but out of all of them I was the only one who saw these angels of light.

As we were shouting prayer points, all of a sudden the room go's black. And i can't hear a thing but the angels talking. First i saw five angels floating in the air handing out blessings. Then in my front, I see two female angels of light; looking at me with gentle eyes and looking in an angle. They looked up in the sky in an angle and looked back at me smiling. Then they disappeared. Then I felt a breeze behind me that was strong. I looked back and no one could have blown me but the angels' presence.

They come to me occasionally and give me messages in vision form and healing people through me. In fact, recently my mom had a stiff neck and i heard within my being touch her and say: "that neck pain will be gone in three days" and it was gone. that's amazing. Angels are real, just allow them to come in your home.

Thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories
the team at

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An Angel Encounter

by Dee
(London, England, UK)

True Guardian Angel Story

I am not sure if I have a Guardian Angel however I still feel like I should share this experience.

I was standing with a friend at a bus station in London (UK) and having a normal discussion. A man looked at me as he was walking past. I didn't make much of it until he came back a few minutes later and asked me, 'why was that man next to you looking at me? he looked at me like i was going to do something to you'.

There were a few men standing further down the bus station but no one was standing next to us. I didnt make much of that either until later i thought about it and thought that maybe He was my Guardian Angel. Ever since that day, everytime I'm feeling scared when walking down the street at night especially, I utter a very short prayer, then get the feeling that the Angel is walking beside me...i feel very safe.

Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story
angel - guide .com

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the baby who falls - True Guardian Angel Story

by kristianne
(pasay, manila, philippines)

this is mae-ann, 8 years old. - saved by a Guardian Angel

this is mae-ann, 8 years old. - saved by a Guardian Angel

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Kristianne

This angel story is about my wife's youngest sister.

She was only 1 year old when their maid left her for a while on the bed to get something from the kitchen.

My wife, only 12 years old at the time , asked the maid where the baby, Mae-ann, is.

The maid told her that she's sleeping. something wrong, my wife thought, went upstairs to check her sister. to her surprise, her baby sister, Mae-ann, is crawling on the floor, laughing and giggling like she has got a playmate!

the bed is 2 feet above the floor! they thought that an angel caught her when she fell, put her nicely on the floor, and was playing on her.

if not, maybe Mae-ann died from that fall, or not, will have serious head and body injuries, and will cry out loud.. but it doesn't happened.. she's just crawling, laughing, and playing with, who knows, her guardian angel!

Thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories
the team at

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St Michael showed himself to me- true guardian angel stories

by Christel Lee

Statue of St Michael in his church, Brussels, Belgium

Statue of St Michael in his church, Brussels, Belgium

St Michael showed himself to me- true guardian angel stories

Hello from Singapore! It was in March 2010 I was in Brussels, Belgium for a business trip. I took the opportunity to visit the Church of St Michael, which is a famous spot for tourist. In there, I saw a big golden statue of St Michael, the Archangel. I lit a candle at his feet and prayed for blessings and deliverance as I was battling a fraudulent lawsuit.

I returned and it was just any other morning when I did my Rosary prayers. Suddenly I was consumed by this strong voice that repeated in my head "You will lose!". I tried to distract myself by walking around in the office. As I was trying to "fight off" this attack, I had a distinct flash in my head.

I saw a person with wings in gold, as in gold metal, floating and looking down at my afflictor. He declared in a very stern voice, "Stop what you are doing! For the sake of your own soul!"

I consulted a friend who is clairvoyant and she confirmed without a bat on an eyelid, "Yes, it's him! I know it's him!" I started to cry then.

My friend added, "St Michael will destroy her if she remains unrepentant. He still gave the afflictor a chance to repent!" Just a little bit of background, the afflictor is suspected to be dabbling in occult and dark arts.

At the court mediation, I heard the plaintiff's relatives shouting, "You already lost the case! The lawyer has told you, which part did you not understand?!"

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True Guardian Angle Story- Knowing my Guardian Angel (St.Raphael)

by cristy francisco

True Guardian Angel Story - Need to Call

True Guardian Angel Story - Need to Call

True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by Christi

This is just a simple story of how I felt my guardian angel is really with me...

I was telling a story to my boyfriend about a link that one of my co-workers posted in her facebook account about "a message from hell".At first, it struck my curiousity so I clicked on it and was directed to a site to watch the video and some other links listed on the site with the same topic, then one video, struck me again about an excorism, because of being a horror stories and movies fanatic I clicked on it but then, I was just starting the video, I felt a goosebump on my arms running going to my head and suddenly to my whole body, and then felt like awakened from a deep sleep and hypnotism I immediately stopped it and closed the website...

I let my boyfriend watch the video about what I saw,telling something about hell, and he felt scary too..I, then told him the story and video about that exorcism, but he declined to watch it, he said "I dont want that , bec I believe in that thing but that shouldn't be talked about and watched because it will attract bad elements.."I, was thinking for while, when he told me about his guardian angel who is St. Gabriel, he told me they were true and that whenever he calls him he can feel him and he couldnt remember anything he asked that he did not give...and that's in one click...

Then it came to me the excitement of knowing who my angel is, I immediately searched it, so excited to put my birth date and day of the week I was born, then it showed me who it is...Since that day and time, it never leave my mind that St. Raphael is with me...

then I got far more excited and search of how my guardian angel looks like, surprisingly I was directed to this site, trying to look for something to read about my guardian angel and saw this portion about guardian angel true story. I was reading the first article and it really excites me to write my own angel story because right now while I'm doing this.

I'm crying because I can feel my angel all over me, hugging and thanking me for acknowledging him...I can feel him right now and I can't explain the joy that my heart and my whole personality and humanity feel at this moment..
I can feel him watching and reading with me while I'm doing this...

Thank you to my boyfriend who made me realized that God forgives all sins and thank you for letting me know that I have someone with, though I'm alone at home, I know my Guardian Angel is always with me and I just need to call him...And from this day on , I'm looking forward to communicating with my guardian angel, St. Raphael...

thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Story and connecting with Angels abound

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Ture Guardian Angel Stories - Could it be Forcas?

by Deborah
(St. Pete Beach, Florida USA)

True Guardian Angel Stories submitted by Deborah

Could it be Forcas ?

Some days are so full of surprises, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes very humbling.

Today I was fortunate to visit John's Pass, for a nice relaxing afternoon. Upon leaving, I left my purse behind on a bench, without realizing it. Shortly thereafter had a young man in a red shirt came running up from behind and as he was saying "Did you leave a purse behind?" he held up my purse for me to see. I felt so freightened, grateful and humbled all at the same time. Today I got a beautiful bracelet with six beautiful pictures of Our Mother Mary. I believe she sent him.

Then a few hours later in the hotel I read about angel Forcas. I believe he was with me today.

Have Faith.

Thanks for submitting your True Guardian Angel Story

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Spirit Story -- Angels, Demons .. need help ?

by rhonda jackson
(East Geelong)

True Guardian Angel Stories

Angel Story submitted by Rhonda Jackson


In life I believed that coincidence is part of life but now I truly know there are no coincidences.

He is with me always.

I never believed in God or angels demons ghost etc. My mother is a so called white which or spiritualist which in my life she has tried to convince me of guardians in the wrong way and she'd tell me that my angel said I would be murdered at 38yrs old.

I'm 32yrs old now and have had no contact with my mother since I was 11yrs old after I told her my father had been touching me for 8yrs (verified by doctor) she did not take it well and threw me out due to this problem. I love my mother dearly but I can not talk to her about my recent spiritual events.

I seem to be able to predict many odd things but they are images put in my thoughts by another source. I know this because the words do not relate to me and a language I have never heard of in my life. How do I connect with him clearer than the thoughts and images or predictions. I am a very rational and have lived as a person of science not religion but it keeps on my back every day and my heart hurts from sadness and I cry.
What do i do with this? I feel for the world but my life is beginning to be dominated by sadness of it. Besides all that i see things that i only saw as a child and tucked it away as an imagination than a real vision.Its just come back very strong than subtle. I'm not crazy and i don't take drugs or drink so what would you make of this. I just want to live without spirits hanging around, and a voice and physical being talking to me a lot.

My skin breaks out in goose bumps in a heated room, a breeze in a windless room, Someone is touching and talking to me that i swear to you. Only God knows I know this is happening for a reason but what is it?

I need to have someone explain to me how to deal with them. Yours truly Rhonda Jackson. One thing I did investigate is that spirits or paranormal beings need an energy source to reveal themselves, well Geelong Australia Is one big battery. Refineries, coal, fuel, oil, gold, quartz, mercury etc.

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by Linda Sykes
(Nashville, TN)

Guardian Angel Picture

Guardian Angel Picture

True Guardian Angel Story

While on my knees praying one morning, it was the first of August 2009.

In my quiet time, the Lord spoke into my spirit and said "I will send you a messenger" I responded but Lord You are talking with me now.

Can You tell me now what it is that you want me to do. He responded,

"I will send you a messenger, just as I sent a messenger to Abraham to deliver the massage of promise I will sent you a messenger. Just as I sent the Angel Gabriel to Mary to deliver the message of deliverance I will sent you a messenger."

A little over a month past, I was setting at my desk at work when God drop into my spirit to go to Cave City, I replied Cave City what. I went to the enternet type and Cave City. I saw Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. I thought oh my god you want me to go to a cave. I booked my room at the hotel within about thirty minutes of being on line. God said I was to go October 9 and 10. I learn that October 9 and 10 is the Jewish Holiday Shemini Atzeret, (concluding day of Sukkut from Friday evening to Saturday evening. Rabbinie literature explaines the holiday this way: Our Creator is like a host, who invites us as victors for a limited time, but when the time comes for us to leave, He has enjoyed himself so much that He asks us to stay another day. Another related explanation: Sukkot is a holiday intended for all of mankind, but when Sukkot is over, the Creator invites the Jewish people to stay for an extra day, for a more intimate celebration.

The day came and it was now time for me to meet with God. When I went to mark my calendar two week after booking my hotel reservation and as I started to wright on my calendar God spoke into my spirit and said, "A date with God" I said WOW God! A date with God. That Sunday before my trip, which was the first Sunday of October while receiving communion I was told to take a communion for my date. The time had come. I drove down to Cave City Kentucky that Friday afternoon. When I got there took my thing up to the room, came back down and my car would not start. The Lord had it fixed with in lest then an hour. that next morning I was to getup have my communion with God and start my day. I was so excited. Then I though about what was about to happen. So I said to God, "Now Lord don't You get me in this cave and frightened me out. I remember that God had said He would send me a messenger. Wasn't to sure what to expect.

The Mammoth Cave was about ten miles from the hotel where I was staying. I started my journey! Well about halfway between the hotel and the cave was a little place call Jack Rock. It was as if a magnetic force drew me right into the parking lot of Jack Rock. I went inside the building on my right looked around and the persons behind the counter said to me, "Have you going across the street." I said no, and then they said "You should go across the street." I replied ok. O my god that was when it all started. I walk through that door the lady which was setting behind the counter eyes locked on me. She said, "I know you, I know you in the spirit. She said I have a message for you." I responded WOW! this is real, oh my god this is so real. I had my camera in my tap recorder both in my pock ready for what ever was going to happen. It all happend so fast. Cora reminded me of Aunt B on the TV show Andey Griffen. Cora said to me, "I have two massages for you, I am your messenger." When she said those word it was if God himself was there speaking to me. I started to cry so hart repeating over and over again, O my god you don't understand. Surely she did because God had already sent her for me. Cora then said, "I have two massages for you. She said first spiritual then natural. She said what God is requiring of you in this season will require all of you, spirit, soul, mind, and body. She said you work in a government facility, and you have special access. Cora pointed her finger up toward heaven and said just as you have special access in the government, God say's you have specal access in the heaven." Well I had just gotten that specal access in the government two weeks prior to the trip. And then she shiffed on me. Cora said, " Oh tribulation will come! But you are not to worry, because I am he for you. You are to come to me. When you need me you are to come." I started to cry again as hard as I did the first time she said she was my messenger. All I could think was my god you have sent me my own special messenger. I had receive about all I could handle at that moment. I said the Cora I have got to go. I have got to go. She said "Oh I have another massage for you." I said I have got to go. Then she replied, "No need to worry I will tell you when you come back through. I just walked out the door, thank this is wild, thinking you brought me to the cave all so that I could have an encounter with Cora. Little did I know that I would enter the presence of a real angel.

I arrived at Mammon Cave, at about thirty minutes later I was entering the cave. with about Seventy people or more. This was to be a four hour tour. We entered the cave, it wasn't quit what I expected. Plus I felt I had gotten what I had come for. I even told Cora when I went back through after the cave tour that she was my angel. She said, "No, I am just a messenger." I said to her Cora in the bible days when God sent a messenger they appared in human form, don't play with me you are my angel. She smiled, as if she knew something I did not no. While I was in the cave, I started to take pictures, but my flash was not working. I thought I won't see any of these pictures. After taken about five pictures, I remember feeling as if I was being watch. For about three hour in the cave all I could do was try to see If I would see an eye or something looking out of the opening in the walls at us. I was glad when it was all over. After I got back home every time I would start to tell anyone about my experience, I would see this image of an angel in my head. I wold tell the people I would see this image and I can't get it out of my head. Well two weeks before Christmas I said to God Lord I need you to connect me to someone who can take this image out of my head and put it on paper. The next week a member in out church had to have surge. I was asking for visitation, wild at her house her husband was talking to another member who were there with me. He decided toeshow her some sketch that he had done. His wilf said to him what are you doing you have not done any thing with that since we move to Nashville, and you have totally abandoned the gift that God has given you. It was at that moment that I looked at what they were doing and I cried out OH my god you are the one. You are the one that is to take the image out of my head and put it on paper. I told him what I saw in my head. There were no hair, but feather on the head, down the shower, coming into the nake line. and there were two sets of wing. He drew the first one, and he said the spirit told him to draw me a second one but to place gold into the wings. I ask the picture who he was and he said Raphael. I said you said what and again he said Raphael. I wanted to look up who Raphael was and I found that he is one of the fifteen great archangel whose name means "the shining one who heals." I took my picture and had them both frame. Then the Lord said that they were not to be mounted but portal. This was January 1, 2010, on January 2, 2010, I had a house blessing to do, well after taken the picture of the house blessing so I could sent them to the church is when I saw that I had capture the picture of the real thing. Here he is you be the judge.

Thank you for submitting your true guardian angel story

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The Begger and the Angel Hug

by Benita
(col. ohio usa)

True Guardian Angel Stories

One day I had to go to the atm machine to get money out of the bank, I looked all around to make sure no one was going to rob me In a second this lady was by me,

I jumped And she jumped then she laughed and asked for some money, I told her i did not have any change ,so the next week i went to the bank she was there i could not get any money out so she asked again I told her I did not have any, so i went to another bank and i lost my bank card ,

this lady was smiling at me my card was on the ground she made a comment like i knew you was coming back so i reached in my purse and gave her all my change, so the next week i went to the bank she just pops up from no where i gave her $5.00

she hugged me and said you are a good person, and I never seen her again when she hugged me her skin was soft just different at this time my daughter had died from cancer i was very sad, i felt in my heart some kind of way it was a hug from my daughter or her angel it was comfort.

Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story
angel - guide .com

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My first contact with an Angel (my Angel?) - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Stella

True Guardian Angel Stories

After awhile I wanted to wet my body, but just a little bit without going to far, since I knew I was not able to swim!

Well, I was so happy that I did not even realize that I went to far and I was going a few words I knew that I was surely going to die...but suddenly I felt (materially) a very big hand under my body that layed me on the beach very sweetly...No body was there and I could say 'thanks' to nobody but I understood the reason of that magic night...I will never forget His strong but very delicate and sweet touch!

Thank you for having readed my experience and forgive my bad English...


Thanks for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories

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Literally Pulled Out of Harms Way - A True Guardian Angel Story

by Tad

True Guardian Angel Story

When I was a young boy around the age of 9 I believe, I was nearly hit by a speeding car coming down my hill.

I had planned to ride my bike to my neighborhood friend's house up the hill and across the street. I jumped on my bike and rode down my driveway to build up momentum for the trek uphill.

Planning to cross the street first and ride uphill, I crossed and thought it looked clear. But my mother has a pikake bush growing on the side walk.(it's a bush we gather flowers from to make a pikake lei here in hawaii)

And being alot shorter in stature, the bush impeded my view of the oncoming traffic a little. I could see far up the hill, but not what was immediately near me. And therefore entered the street at a rather high rate of speed thx to the momentum I built going down my driveway.

I remember the whole length of my bike entering the road, when I unmistakably felt a giant tug at the back of my shirt. That took me and my bike onto my back. Because I got tugged so hard, I held onto the handlebars instinctively and whatever it was that pulled me. Pulled me with such force that it not only forced me back but the bike I was holding onto as well!

And remember, I was already GOING FORWARD with quite a bit of momentum on top of all that! I remember it happening so fast that all I saw and heard was the car slamming on the brakes and watched screeching past me. Then finally coming to a stop past my adjacent neighbor's house. I should have been a goner!

At first I thought it was my older sister that pulled me back. But to my amazement I saw no one when I looked up and around. I then began to cry from shock and confusion. I was too young to put two and two together. But as I got older I realized that the incident happened soon after my Grandmother passed away.

I like to believe it was my grandma that saved my life. I always knew God would give her wings. Thanks Grandma.


A True Guardian Angel Story

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Saved by angels.- True Guardian Angel Stories

by Glauco

True Guardian Angel Stories

My father took me and my older brothers ( 10 and 11) to the Rio Guaiba River in Porto Alegre, Brazil for a day of fun and fishing when I was eight years old. It was a beautiful, hot sunny day and we asked my dad if we could walk up to the river a little bit on our own while he set up camp for us.

At first, he said no but reluctantly finally agreed after all three of us kept begging him to let us go. But, he told us, we had to agree to not go in the water. I remember him repeatedly telling us not to go in the water. In hindsight, I wonder if he somehow sensed the danger that lay ahead of us.

We began to walk near the water leaving my father to work with the camp arrangements until we came to a bush that was half in land and half in the water. At this point, one of us had the idea of grabbing onto the bush to get to the other side. I remember my brother Marco went first. Within seconds, he lost his footing and went under the water. My oldest brother Carlon raced to help Marco but he couldn?t hang on and ended up in the water as well.

Neither I nor my two brothers knew how to swim. But instead of running to get my father after my seeing my two brothers plunge into the waters, I jumped in to try to save my brothers without even thinking of my own safety.

I struggled frantically in the water looking for my two brothers. I couldn?t see them and I was so scared. The water engulfed me quickly as I tried desperately to breathe. But there was no more oxygen; I could not breathe. I could only panic as I moved my arms and legs hysterically trying to save my life. My body was hitting things under the water. I don?t know what these things were but I can tell you they were very painful.

The current of the river was moving very fast from west to east towards the ocean. I can?t recall how much time went by but I reached a point when I just couldn?t move anymore. I just floated underwater until I came to the bottom of the river. The water was brown so I couldn?t see anything but I didn?t need to see to know that I was dying.

I tried to scream, ?PLEASE GOD HELP ME!? My mother used to take me to church so I knew about God. And I don?t know how but I knew that He was the only one who could help me. My life started to fade but then I heard the most pleasing voice telling me to just relax and that everything was going to be okay. I then felt arms embracing me.

Although I still could not see, I knew it was the embrace of a male. He was very kind and gentle. I was happy and confused all at the same time. Soon we were floating in midair and that was when I realized that I was not actually dead. We started moving upward at an extreme speed. All of my pain was gone and I could breathe easily again. My body was not solid anymore. I could see right through it but I could still feel myself.

We then began going towards this beautiful light. As we got closer to it, the light just engulfed me. It was brighter than the sun but didn?t hurt my eyes. The male angel that was with me said, "Tchau" and faded away. I was remained there floating for a moment wondering, ?What just happened? What does tchau mean??

It?s difficult to explain but I felt connected to everything and everything was connected to me. Then I felt like I was not alone anymore and began to see the shape of a man coming towards me. When he got close enough, I felt the most beautiful feeling of love and belonging that I have ever felt. There are just no words that my human mind can come up with to accurately describe this feeling.

Imagine that you are in an airplane and then it blows up. Then you wake up and realize that it was all just a dream and that you are not dead. Well, this was kind of the feeling I experienced when I realized that I wasn't really dead. I was so happy to realize that I wasn't dead. But then again, I wondered where I was and why this place felt more real and more at home to me than earth did.

The male angel appeared again coming closer to me and speaking telepathically. He told me he was there to help me and answer my questions and boy did I have a lot of questions. But before he answered them, he showed me my life and it played before me like a movie. My life was going backwards. I remember thinking, ?How bad can this be, I am only eight.? The first thing I remember seeing was an incident when I used a key to scratch a car. I could feel the pain that I caused because of my actions.

Then I remember thinking, Oh, no! I'm in trouble! But at this point, my angel surprised me by saying, Don't worry; there are just lessons.? Instead of being comforted by his words, I was a bit unnerved by the realization that he could read my thoughts. All this was going on as the movie continued to play showing second by second of my entire life. And, again, I could feel what I caused as a result of my actions.

Everything that I ever did seemed to have a life of its own. For example, I felt the pain the owner of the car experienced. Then I felt the pain his wife felt when he told her about it. This was all a very unpleasant feeling.

In addition to the not so pleasant times, I was shown the good times as well. I was shown the things I did out of love; like the time I had taken this homeless boy home with me. We showered together, we ate together and then I gave him some of my clothes. My angel was very happy about this and told me that these are the things that really matter, the things we do out of love for another person.

The "movie" continued as I now saw myself as a baby in my mother's womb, then just as a molecule of life . . . really small but very much alive. Today, whenever I see woman having an abortion it makes me want to cry. They don?t understand that God gave them this child for a reason; they were chosen by that child. I don?t? know how I know this but I just do.

The scenes of my life finally came to a stop and then he said two words. Everything I ever wanted to know was answered by these two words. In an instant, I knew everything. Then suddenly I started to miss my mother, the sun, the rain, playing soccer and everything that made me happy. I started to think of my mother and I could feel the pain when she would find out that all three of her sons crossed over. But I also knew that I was being shown this because it wasn't my time yet. I sensed my mission was not complete and wanted to go back.

My near-death experience helped me to understand just how beautiful and fragile the earth really is. I could sense the earth breathing like it was alive. I could see a light around everything that was alive: trees, flowers, grass, animals, volcanoes and humans. Humans are in control over every living thing. Everything has an aura. I don?t know why but the angel told me not to tell anyone and that in time it will reveal itself. To this, I said, What? But then I felt I jolt and realized that I was suddenly back in the water. Only this time, I was being held by a different angel who was pushing me out of the water. I was human again and back in my body. What a feeling this was! Being human is a beautiful gift!

I felt somewhat drunk as I reached the surface of the water and could see the breathtaking blue sky above. I began to breathe again but panicked as I thought of my brothers. ?Where are my brothers?? I uttered in alarm. I looked to my right and there they were safe and sound, right next to me walking out of the water. I then rejoiced thinking, ?OH MY GOD! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!? I have tears in my eyes now just thinking about it.

People were running towards us, some were crying, some were smiling and hugging each other. They were as happy as I was, but why? I couldn't figure it out. Then I heard this police officer talking on his radio saying, ?I found them. I found the kids.? He told the other officers to come up the river. After a few minutes, the other officers arrived and remarked in astonishment, ?This can?t be them. They couldn't have survived 22 minutes in the water and lived to talk about it!?

The medical personnel that were at the scene agreed and they all went back down river looking for other kids. I was standing there in a state of shock. I wanted to tell them that it was indeed us. I tried to explain what happened but I could not get any words out of my mouth. I just couldn't speak. My mouth was moving but no sound was coming out.

I then looked up at the sky and said, ?Please give me my voice back, I won't tell anyone! Slowly, I got my voice back! I do have a stuttering problem today but I don?t care about that. I'm alive and that's all that matters. I don't know which is better being back here or having the knowledge that we never die.

My experience changed my life. I try to do everything out of love. Truthfully, though, this is not always easy. We live in a world of uncertainty. People don?t know who God really is and don?t always understand the importance of love.

Since that fateful day at the river, I have asked my brothers what they remember about the experience. Marco told me that an angel told him not to talk about it. A week went by before I asked Carlon. When I did, I was told we died and an angel saved us. He said he also saw a movie.

We never really discussed the incident in depth, probably because we were all afraid that something would happen to us if we did. As the years went by and I got older, though, I began to have the urge to tell the world that both God and heaven are real. I pray that one day the human race, the sons and daughters of God, will live on earth with that same love and peace I felt on that day. I hope that one day we will all come to the realization that we are all one.

Glauco Schaffer

Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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Guardian Angel Was with me

by ghennet

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Ghennet

in 2008 i was experiencing voices.

I was living fantasies with imaginary being but to me it was real. i couldn't sleep and i was living alone.

It is during one of those nights that spirit put me to deep sleep where i didn't have dreams.

in the middle of the night spirit woke me up and there angel was with me. He had body and looked like your cute next door neighbor, he was tall. i don't know how he got in the house but i am grateful.

He had gone when i awoke in the morning.


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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My conversation with an archangel

by Steve

True Guardian Angel Stories

One night I watched a TV show where a man used a pendulum to find lost items, talk to spirits, etc...

I thought that would be cool so later I took a washer and tied to a string made my pendulum. I lit a candle and said a prayer for protection and started the pendulum in motion.

I had a keyboard in front of me and held the swinging pendulum over the key board. I then asked if there were any good spirits that would like to talk with me.

to and fro for a YES and side to side for NO and round for no answer. I immediatly got a YES response. Now I was just holding the string and not forcing any direction at all. Here is the dialogue:

Are you a spirit of this world?, NO
Are you a spirit from another world? no answer
Will you tell me my future? NO
Can you see the future? YES
And you will not tell me? YES
Is it ok for me to do this? NO
Why? (from holding pendulum over letters on the keyboard) DARK ANGLES AWAIT
So this could be dangerous? YES
Because I could invite an evil entity? YES
Can you tell me your name? YES
What is your name? ARCHANGEL NORTH
You are one of the four archangels from God to protect us? YES
Does God love me? YES
Do you have any other message for me? PRAY

The pendulum started going in circles after that and I knew the conversation had ended. Heading the warning, I cut the string and never tried to invite a conversation with a spirit again, Luckily Archangel North (AKA Uriel) was there to talk with me and warn me of my foolish action. I could have invited a demon into my house. Only prayer is the accepted form of conversation with God and only to God.

Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story
angel - guide .com

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Even When You're Bad - True Guardian Angel Story

by Karen Marie Hart
(Ocala, Florida, USA)

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Karen

I was twenty-one years old, and I was drunk behind the wheel of a car. When I realized I shouldn't be driving, I turned off the main highway and decided to take the back roads to my friend's apartment. The wise choice would've been to park the car on the shoulder, but I wasn't capable of that wise choice.

It was a very foggy night. My headlights didn't extend farther than ten feet. In a hairpin turn, I straightened the car out too soon, and drove straight off a cliff, as if I'd driven off a three story building.

I remember seeing the tree branches hitting the windshield and screaming.

Later, because I could never bring myself to see the car, my friend (who'd gathered my belongings from it when it was in the junk yard) told me the car sides had been pealed clean as if I'd driven tightly through two very large trees. The trees in fact were evergreens over a hundred feet tall.

I awoke sitting up straight in the passenger side seat of the car. Somehow I'd been removed from my seatbelt during my fall, when the driver's seat had been crushed into the steering wheel.

Somehow I knew that I was dying, and I thought, "Good. It's over now. All I have to do is sleep."

That's when an angel began to shake me, gripping my shoulders and shaking me fervently. I tried to remove their arms. I wanted them to let me be. But the angel began repeating, "Karen, you have to get out of the car."

At first I thought my friend, whom I'd been out with, shooting pool and drinking beer, was in the car. I tried to focus on her face. That's when I realized I couldn't see. I tried to call her name. I couldn't speak. Something was wrong with my lips, my mouth, and when I reached to touch my face, I could feel bone and my nose was missing.

I climbed out of the car and fell to the ground. The car was caught in low tree branches.

The angel took my arm and led me up a slippery slope, and through thick brush. I only climbed a few feet, yet when I returned to this place a year later, I would see that I had climbed over a hundred feet.

I had been carried.

I thought it was raining. I was soaked. My friend, who'd retrieved my belongings from the car, said the entire inside of the vehicle was showered in my blood. It had drenched my thick wool jacket, and my sweatshirt underneath.

Reaching the road, the angel said, "Go this way." Had I turned right, the next house was over thirty miles, and I would've bled to death on that old gravel road, alone, in the dark.

I couldn't see my hand in front of me. I don't know if it was the blood in my eyes, or the deep gash above my right eye - my better eye. My left eye is legally blind.

As I walked, the angel guided me, "Feel for the gravel." I was walking on the edge of that cliff, had I let my feet loose the feel of the gravel, I would've slipped down the muddy side.

It was over two miles when the angel guided me down a driveway, another half mile. But, I didn't walk these distances. Maybe a city block or two.

My eyes miraculously cleared as I approached the house. In answer to my knock, I witnessed shock on the woman's face, and looked down to my wet hands, and watched my blood pouring over them.
An ambulance took me to the nearest hospital, but they wouldn't work on me; they didn't have the staff for this kind of facial injury. I didn't understand all the commotion, or why they were carting me into another ambulance.

Miraculously, the next hospital had a visiting plastic surgeon: one of the top three in the country. The interior of my cheeks were sewn back to my skull, my face was stitched where my teeth had torn below my lower lip, and the gash over my right eyebrow was closed. (Over twenty years later, I still have to pencil in that eyebrow and even it out. It is higher than the left, so I have a subtle look of surprise- which is fitting for my story.)

Many months later, I would be able to have the surgery to reconstruct my nose.

I remember the doctors laughing at how amazing it was that I didn't break a tooth. My smile was protected.

My knee carries the scar from where they pulled the skin together to cover the exposed kneecap.

I was told by the doctors at the hospital that with my blood loss, serious internal bruising and concussion that I should never have woken up, let alone climb the cliff, walk to the house, and survive being transported from the first hospital to the city hospital another two hours away.

I tried to tell them I wasn't alone, and someone was keeping me alive, but I couldn't talk yet.

That night I learned that I was born on purpose; I wasn't an accident; I wasn't by nature bad, and the ones who'd taught it to me were just lost, like I'd gotten lost.

I am forty-four years old now, a professional artist, happily married and the mother of three. My artwork includes a small art store dedicated to inspiring others, and in it, of course, are angels. This is not a sales tool, I was simply inspired to share my story, but if you'd like to see some of the angels I paint, just copy and paste this link into your browser.

My picture is there. What I have always seen in others, I see today in the mirror, not because of the surgery that repaired my face, but because God sent an angel to tell me so.

Thanks you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories
The team at

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A Love Letter from Heaven

by Erica A. Fox
(Troy, OH USA)

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Erica

October 24, 2006 was a tragic time for me and my family.

My sister Amanda was killed in a car accident at age 24, coming home from work earlier that morning.

My sister was such a special part of our family. Growing up she was like a second Mom to me. She always watched out for me, making sure I was taken care of, and that I had all I needed.

My sister and I were very close and were best friends even as adults.

When she died my life as I knew it was over. Through grieving her sudden death the thing that worried me most was wondering if she was okay, and with the Lord. I knew she loved the Lord and had a relationship with him, still I just needed reassurance and a peace of mind that she was in heaven.

On night I fell into a deep sleep and had a very vivid dream I will never forget. I was in a vast field that looked like golden rods of wheat all a round me. I felt a love and a peace like I had never felt before.

Then off in the distance I heard a familiar voice calling my name. I turned to see who was calling for me, it was my sister. There Amanda stood before me offering her hand as if she wanted to take me somewhere. Gladly I took her hand and we began to walk through this field.

I then began to ask her questions like "are you okay?" "why did you leave me?" "will I ever see you again?" My sister said nothing but looked at me and offered a smile letting me know all was well. Just as soon as she smiled we approached a big crowd of people with beautiful light just radiating from them. All of a sudden the crowd parted and a man that I knew very well walked towards us.

In the most affectionate tone with his hand extended towards my sister he spoke "There you are, I've been waiting for you." It was Jesus telling my sister to come with him. My sister then looked at me, smiled and said "I love you" as she walked away with Jesus and the other people from the crowd. I then woke up and such a peace fell over me. I know God sent my sister in a dream to let me know she was okay and safe in the arms of his son Jesus and all of those that dwell with them in heaven.

Thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories
the team at

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The Angel in the Pool

by Brittany
(Galveston Texas)

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Brittany

Angel Encounter Story

I was about four or five on summer vacation with my dad and brother. We were at the pool one day and i couldn't swim very well so I got into a float. Being that i was quite chubby my legs were stuck into the float. Everyone was having a great time and since i was in a float they figured whats the worse that could happen.

Well the worse did happen. i flipped over in the float so now my head was under the water and my feet were above water. I was stuck this way since my chubby legs were in the float. I screamed for help because I knew I was in trouble but no one could hear me, i was under the water. before I knew it I was breathing in water and thought I was drowning.

All of a sudden I saw clouds and was in what looked like the sky with white lights shinning.

I felt a peace and calmness come over me then after being under water for about 2-3 full mins my brother came to the rescue and I was fine. No grasping for air choking nothing. I believe my angel was with me in the pool that day and stayed with me until sum one came to the rescue.


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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Circle of angels - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Kammy
(South Africa)

True Guardian Angel Stories

I have two stories to share with you, i hope they will touch you as many of yours touched my heart.

My experience started when i was twelve, we had just moved to johannesburg south africa from eastern europe (we were living with my aunts family in the beginning) and within two weeks i had gotten very ill. one morning, very frail, i woke up to go to the bathroom and just collapsed on the floor, there was blood just gushing out of my nose- it felt like a tap running.

I got such a fright and started screaming- my mom and my aunts house keeper came rushing in i could see they were also afraid my mom was shaking she called the doctor and the priest from my aunts church to come to the house- the blood was just squirting out, it was all i could taste i closed my eyes i was so afraid- then they both prayed for me there on the bathroom floor while soaking up the blood with big towels and the blood subsided then stopped before the doctor got to the house.

That night i dreamt a vivid dream that is still fresh in my mind 13 years later.
I was somewhere in the middle east- in a desert country. it was dusk, the air still cold and i was in a huge crater in the earth. Within the middle of the crater there was a river flowing, i was standing on its bank, the earth was hard and crusty. Standing all alone, a big black scorpion came running toward me, i was paralyzed with the fear could not move. then suddenly there appeared a man, right next to me, he hugged me tight and said never be afraid, im always with you!

I did not see his face but i knew it was Jesus. My head was in His chest, i was calm and what i remember most was the smell, it was so clean and fresh- like water-or what water would smell like if it had a smell:). nothing with an artificial aroma or scent; just freshness. His was wearing a white robe and the linen was woven loosely. It was the most amazing dream i ever had- yet somehow i know it was not a dream, it was a real experience.

True Guardian Angel Stories

My second story is short but still gives me goose bumps thinking about it. I was about fifteen and in bed early, i was going through a tough transition and had just closed my eyes and prayed, when i opened them i saw around all three sides of my bed (the top was against the wall) there were men standing shoulder to shoulder like soldiers, all the same height, all wearing white different hair colours but very tall and regal looking, no wings though - i was so shocked i set up in my bed and they just vanished out of my site- i know somehow they were angels- i was astounded at how many they were!

Now in my 20's ive started seeing orbs and lights and halos- not sure if it is them but i feel so safe instantly. Not sure what im seeing now but am making it a point to find out.

Love and light to all

Thank you for submitting your True Guardian Angel Stories

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Sad night, Bright light - True Guardian Angel Story

by Kristen H
(Oromocto NB Canada)

Sad night, Bright light - True Guardian Angel Story

October. 7 2001 was the day I got the saddest news of my life.
My dad had gone to the hospital too visit my grampy while I stayed at home with my mom. While my dad was on his way home he got a call.

Soon we were at the hospital the family all in a line holding hands with tears streaming down their face.
I was only four years old and I obviously didn't understand why everyone was crying. Just before we left I gave the limp body on the bed a hug and kiss and told him (my grampy) I'd be back in the morning too visit him.

I didn't understand though why he wasn't answering me since we were always close so that night I said my prayers and went to bed.

Through the middle of the night I opened my eyes and seen a man in my room all in white and he was glowing, I wasn't scared though I had such peace in my heart.
That night he (the angel) told me that my grampy had a new glorified body in Heaven and that someday I would see him.

That was a long time ago now but I still believe that if I trust God and follow Him and let him in my life I will see my grampy someday.

I'm glad that I seen that angel and when I close my eyes I can see the angel talking to me in my room that night.


Thank you for submitting your true guardian angel story

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True Angel Encounter Story - My protector

by Michele
(sunshine coast Qld Australia)

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Michele

Angel Encounter Story

1999 I was going through a very emotional divorce,
One night my little girl aged 7 came into my room saying that she was scared, I had worked an evening shift and I was very tired, I could see her sillouette in
the dark .

as I said to her Its alright just go back to bed, I noticed a silver sparkled outlined figure above at the end of my bed.

I looked at my daughter then I looked again it was still there,(out the corner of my eye) then I turned to look properly and it had disappeared.

It is now July 2010 and I recently told a friend the visit, my daughter who is now 18 heard the conversation said I remember that night she didnt see the angel but she did see someone trying to get entry into our house.

My angel wearing a robe had his right arm across his body and left arm reaching out in jester palm up, I didnt feel frightened I was too tired and emotionally drained but i felt as if I was being told everything will be alright he was offering his hand to help,

to this day I thank my guardian angels every night for each day I am here having my earthly experience

2008 I am blessed to experience another angel encounter visit.
2 nights of no sleep feeling like a slave to my property no life and feeling very alone,will I or will I not put my property on the market.

as I have a hearing loss my children normally lean on the bed and call my name if I facing the other way.

As I lay there watching the sun rise AGAIN I felt a pressure on the bed I turned expecting to see my daughter but to my surprise a gold sparkled outline of a young females face was looking at me she said GO! GO! and each time she said it her face zoomed in at me,I sat up very quickly said a few words which i will not repeat then
I acknowledged her visit saying I got your message please dont call again.

I put the house on the market that day it sold within 2 weeks just before the market crashed. I now have a life and I have met the most wonderful girlfriends. As I write this I wonder if it was my sister I feel it was thankyou ever so much I miss her dearly xx


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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Angel Encounter Story- For the life of John John

by Trina
(Rutledge Pa)

True Guardian Angel Story submitted by Trina

Angel Encounter Story

John John was our 3rd child in 4 years, born over 7lbs and healthy in the last week of October. By Christmas time he was on a nebulizer. For the next three weeks, I was "energized", is the only way to describe it.

John John slept in our room, sometimes in our bed. He would appear to choke, cough, stop breathing. No one believed me. It began to get worse. We went to the doctors, and she told me nothing was wrong, I was paranoid, and to get some sleep.

By that afternoon we were in the hospital, and they were asking, "how did you know, how did you catch this?" To the doctors, John John was a SID baby that did not happen. They did not expect him to make it, and thought we should prepare. I knew better, my Angel, John John's Guardina Angel, whomever, they knew better. We left the hospital with machines, monitors and medications.

After 1 year the insurance company wanted to take away John Johns monitors, saying they were not needed anymore. Our Dr, bless her, fought to keep them. Another month goes by. My brother and family came in from out of town with their new baby, who cried all night long Friday night,

Saturday we visited all day and then I went to a benefit that night for a child with cancer. With no to very little sleep in 48 hours, at 11:30 I was home and in bed. I believe the time was 1:17am, I heard John John's monitor sounding the alarm, the real alarm. Not the alarm meaning the wire was off or the battery was low. How I moved, woke up, heard it I will only say was by divine leadership. I felt someone with me, almost as if I was carried into John John's room. John John was blue, he was not breathing. I am so sure someone, something was with me.

I brought John John back, put him back in his crib and again, felt like I was carried back to my own bed. I never woke anyone else up in the house, and went right back to sleep, in peace knowing John John would be fine. We were being watched over.

The next day of course we were back in the hospital. John John's monitor report showed he was gone, no heart beat, no brain waves the night before for almost 2 full minutes. I will never get answers to all the questions I have about that night, but that is okay. I know we were not alone, we were being protected. John John will turn 12 this October.

And I know without any doubt Guardian Angels protect us, warn us, help us, we just have to listen. God Bless our world.


Thank you for sharing your True Guardian Angel Story

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A time of despair

by DEE

True Guardian Angel Stories- A Time of Dispair

True Guardian Angel Stories- A Time of Dispair

True Guardian Angel Stories- A Time of Dispair
submitted by DEE










thank you for sharing your true guardian angel story

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Proof of an answered Request - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Anonymous

True Guardian Angel Stories

Just this evening I had a wish to feel or see my guardian angels.

Due to a vision I had as a child that frightened me, fear blocks me from seeing the auras of my angels like I once did.

I can often see auras on people, but seemed to have blocked those I used to see of angelic beings.

Tonight I asked for another sign of their presence, like an object moving with out physical force, or an unusual sound that I could actually hear. As I mentally completed this request I heard my cat chatter the gutteral way he does when he sees birds outside. It was dark out and no birds were awake. Additionally he was looking up toward the ceiling and staring while chattering.

He seemed mesmorized but his tail was not twitching as it would when he sees a bug or bird or something moving or something to chase. There was no one around but me sitting nearby and he paid no attention to me.

Finally, I spoke to him to get his attention. He briefly looked at me, then looked at the same places, as if he were looking at two objects near the ceiling. His head was not moving as if he were tracking an insect, but he stared back and forth between two places in the air.

I mentally thanked my guardian angels for such a great sign. Within 20 to 30 seconds he stretched out in contentment and relaxed. That was awsome.


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as i fly see angels go by! - True Guardian Angel Stories

by vandana vadehra
(new delhi india)

True Guardian Angel Stories

Angel story submitted by vandana vadehra


An Angel feather often appears in mysterious places where you least expect it?

like the two feathers, that appeared in my mumbai apartment immediately the day after i landed back from Glastonbury, one on my bed and the other next to the television,in the living room, when all doors n windows were locked...

They are time and again reiterating the fact angels are there protecting you, guiding you,making you sail over rough waters...

Another little story on my recent trip to Europe,
En route Hamburg to Zurich, as the plane took wings and gained altitude , i sat nonchalantly gazing at the little and huge puffs of cotton outside my window.

A smile slipped my lips as i was reminded of fluffy angelic wings, i blew a mental kiss to them:).then unexpectedly, a tiny ring of what seemed to be a rainbow colored circle, appeared on the dancing feathers,ie the clouds,,out of the blue!! me,it was a rainbow circle, a tiny ring size,one right there, in the middle of the cotton clouds,it seemed to be moving along with the aircraft.

Furthermore, I felt due to lack of sleep i was spotting tiny sparkle lights dancing and zipping around the ring of rainbow, almost like a tango at the fast forward speed of lightening.I rubbed my eyes as the left logical side of my brain said..."baby this is what happens when you become an insomniac:)"…but no they did not vanish.the fireflies like sparklers kept the rainbow constant company..

They were fairies millions of them…following the airplane.
what follows next has to be seen to be believed!

As the plane started its decent into zurich,the single ring of dappled colors,transformed into 3 concentric circles ….of rainbow .one inside the other!!!!
lo behold!!A minuscule bobbing spec of grey, suddenly appeared at the center of the rainbow….it was moving…and kept growing bigger n bigger ..till I realized it was the shadow of the aircraft, right there, in the center of the 3 rainbow loops…..!!!!!! I recalled that i had invoked archangel Raphael and the fairies to take care of my journey back to India mumbai the night before my departure,just prior to hitting the bed!

….the rainbow ANGEL CIRCLE,and the fairies had encircled the whole plane,thus shielding the whole journey!!!how i lamented having packed my camera and sent it in the check in baggage! yet the memory is crystal clear and the experience, indelible!!...miracles indeed happen!
so,i believe in angels and you??


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Guardian Angel Story - Angel Wings

by Sara

True Guardian Angel Story
submitted by Sara

Just when I thought I was alone, praying for my angels to wrap their wings around me, I looked to the left and saw a huge wing off my left shoulder and arm.

It was amazing! I've seen the picture of the child sleeping and the guardian angel hovers over them to protect them.

Believe, believe, believe...angels are with us everywhere we go.


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True Guardian Angel Stories - What I never knew about Angels....

by Amanda Bridget

True Guardian Angel Stories - submitted by Amanda Bridget

My Angel Story

I always "believed" in angels as some far removed celestial beings who intervened for us mere mortals through prayer - but I didn't really know they could work through us until I experienced it first hand.

A period in my life where my spirit got my attention and got me to slow down through illness. I was returning from a meeting with a friend, my intuitive teacher and guide through my personal emotional chaos. We did much work that enabled me to open to other frequencies and begin navigating the spiritual realm. On this day I was driving home along my usual route and despite my fatigue, made many stops for apparently no reason - as if I had time to waste and had to fill it up. Finally near home I decide that a library book I had been dragging around in my car needed to go back to the library right away. I doubled back down a street I would never take to go to the library. Honestly, it could have waited and I was actually pressed for time at this point as I had to pick my young son up from school.

As I am racing up the street, my eyes turned to the tree-line on my left... and on a roof I see a toddler trying to grab hold of a cat. The beautiful little blonde boy had crawled out of an open window on to a flat roof with no railing about 8 feet up from the ground. I stopped and gingerly got out of the car careful not to alarm the little soul....I spoke in both languages I knew very quietly imploring the boy to stay still. I rang the bell - a man answered - I could barely get the words out - I pointed to the roof and said: your son... your son... at first he was puzzled and then made a mad dash up the stairs.

I stepped back and watched - ready to catch the little boy, or the cat! Once I saw he was safely in adult arms, I returned to my car without saying a word and drove away. I returned my library book. It wasn't until later as I recounted the story that I saw the strange unfolding of events. I was made to be there, at that moment - the angels worked through me (I was told) because something was about to go terribly wrong and I was open enough to follow instructions.... I didn't even wait to speak to the people - I just drove away - a sign, I was told, of Angelic intervention. I felt so peace - filled.

That's my story - though the street is not far from home, I never again did find that house!

Blessed be,
Thank you Angels.

Thank you for submitting your true guardian angel story

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