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Angelic Whispers, Issue #002 -- Angel Readings, Angel Pictures,Angel News
February 24, 2005

Welcome to this issue of the E-zine and Newsletter

Angelic Whispers

February has blessed us with a twinkling of snowflakes, and each time I am amazed at the energy shift that occurs when snow descends. There is a clearing of the air, a deep breath felt from inside mother earth taking in the cleansed energy surrounding the upper realms.

a quick peek at todays topics:

- Angel Readings
- Angel Names
- Angel Picture
- Angel Crafts
- Angel Quote
- Angel Computer Freebies
- Angel Pictures
- New Angel Guide Webpages

Angel Readings
A friend and I went to a local Mind , Body and Soul exhibition and what a wonderous experience it has been. Amonst the eclectic variety of stalls were several Angel Card Readers offering their services. I was taken by a medium that offered tarot and angel card readings and curious to experience her offerings. So I booked in for a 25 minute angel reading at her booth. I enquired as to whether she directly connects to the angelic realms and she replied that she worked with either Archangel Raphael or Archangel Gabriel, then paused for a second, connectiong herself and continued : "Its Raphael today"

I have been drawn to Archangel Raphael for a while now so was pleased to hear she was working with his energy. She procceded her reading laying a continous spread and offering first a kind of lifepath message and then delving into relationship issues, work/growth related issues and then answering any questions I may have.

It felt a very fluid kind of a reading, no hesitation and her face assured me that she was connecting herself with me and the issues at hand. When the reading finished I left somewhat lighter, yet also wondering exactly as to what just happened. I often find that the majority of messages received during an Angel Card Reading emerge during the course of the day, become clearer, relevant and purposeful when thinking about them. So it is important not to dismiss anything, to stay open to receiving insights when thinking again about the angel reading received and to embrace any insights that you feel are relevant for yourself.

Let your intuition be the guide - always.

Angel Names

Names Angels

Angel Names starting with Letter " A "

A'albiel ~
angel in service to archangel michael
Abariel ~
Angel of Faith remains faithful to god
chooses light over dark

Angel of Independence angel of honesty
protector of those born under the sign of sagittarious
Angel of Patience Seraphim
discoverer of secrets of nature
Angel of Fire one of two throned angels, known as fallen angel or angel of fire
Angel of Youth Protector of Children and young animal
encourages exploration of all new things inspires hope

Angel of Communications Protection for those who seek clarity

Read the rest of the A-Z of angels names here

Angel Pictures

A few nights ago I was guided to pick up my neocolour pastels and start drawing. It flowed effortlessly and thus the "Angel of Light " picture was created


I love the flow of it, the simplicity and the faceless angelic energy.

Angel Crafts

Some Great Angel Kids Crafts

New Angel Doll Pattern for Kids Angel Dolls
step by step photograph instructions for a cute angel doll

Perler Beads / Hama Beads Angel Patterns
Perler Bead Angels

Angel Quote

" Every blade of grass
has an angel that bends over it
and whispers
grow grow grow"


a new angel quote from the Angel Quote Garden

Angels Computer Freebies

I have created some Kitchen Angel Cliparts page for your desktop , take a look and download by right -clicking and saving to your computer

Enjoy New Webpages:

Search NEwS :

Lot of people have asked, now its here: you can search the entire Angel Guide Site for what your are looking for, lost a page, looking for something specific.. this search is your answer

New Pages:

Angel Shoppe

Perler Bead Angel Patterns

Angel Meditation

Angel Oracle

Kitchen Angel Cliparts

Angel Collectibles

Angel Recipes

Positively Spiritual

until next time
Love and Light

Lila* Star*

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