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November 30, 2006

Welcome to this issue of the E-zine and Newsletter

Angelic Whispers and The Spiritual Woman

As Winter draws in here in the Northern Hemispher the sprinkles of hibernation are starting to emerge.

The End of 2006 - a time and place of delicious origin

There has been a big shift in my perception, I have grown , I have learned I am still wandering

My visionary Art has taken a great hold of me again and almost no day passes where I dont pick up a brush or a pen

An intense calling is trying to manifest itself

I am searching with an open receiver... listening...intuiting.... breathing...

Angel Guide Healing Meditation

Journey with an Angel Guide Healing Meditation
Unfolding Inner Doorways for Exploring Consciousness

~ Choose an angel meditation image that you feel drawn to
view alll angel meditation images

~ click on it to enlarge the angel art

~ close your eyes,take a deep breath in and allow your body to find a state of relaxation that is comfortable for you

~ continue breathing until you find yourself ready and curious to unfold yourself into the angel meditation image

~ open your eyes and let the image enter your heart space

~ then notice any impressions you receive , these maybe images, sounds, smells, extrasensory reflections or third eye glimpses of awareness

~ if there is a vivid image - acknowledge the image, send it some of your energy from your heart ( this could be a picture, a thought, a "gift" directed towards it to acknowledge it presence

~ "stand" back and allow yourself to receive further communication

Angel Pictures

Picture of an Angel Drawing in Watercolour Angel of Truth

see all my new angel pictures here

Angel Meditations

To connect with your Household Angel

~ Get up in the morning and light a candle in your sacred space( altar etc)
~ Still yoursefl and hold the intention in your minds eye to connect with your household angel
~ Notice any impressions that you might receive
~ in your mind let a "gift of a blessing" form itself ( this could be a thought, a inner mind picture of a shape, gift etc or a sound)
~ offer this gift to your household angel as a sign of recognition " I see( feel) you and I am glad you are here"
~ wait for your household angel to respond ( feel heat, a tingle, a rush of happiness , an image in your minds eye etc)
~ ask your household angel to bless your family and your dwellings and thank it for its care

~ Once you have established mutual contact with your Houshold Angel you can ask its guidance for specific questions

lnspirational Quote

To breathe the essence of oneself
is to feel the dew emerge from its quite slumber
and steam ahead into the sunlight

Lila Star

more inspirational quotes in the
Angel Quote Garden

Until Next time
Bright Blessings

Lila* Star*

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