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Angelic Whispers, Spring -- Angel Communications though Automatic Writing
May 03, 2005

Welcome to this issue of the E-zine and Newsletter

Angelic Whispers

February has blessed us with a twinkling of snowflakes, and each time I am amazed at the energy shift that occurs when snow descends. There is a clearing of the air, a deep breath felt from inside mother earth taking in the cleansed energy surrounding the upper realms.

a quick peek at todays topics:

- Angel ~Meditations
- Angel Names A-Z
- Automatic Writing - Angel Communication
- Angel Quote
- Angel Pictures
- New Angel Guide Webpages

Angel Meditations
to meditate is to expand ones mind to be aware, truly aware of the higher self, the greater picture, the connection to all that is

I like to try different styles of meditations, some that I use when I really have 2 hours to myslelf some that I can fit in when only 10 minutes are assured peace and quiet.

But the pre-requisite to all meditations is the ability to relax. That sounds easy but it does not come all that easily to me. My mind is alwasy busy , searching, reaching out to find yet more avenues to explore. So to relax, to be still, to let myself "hang loose" is something that I have to practice. :-)

But it has been greatly rewarding to find ways of immersing myself into a different world, letting my thoughts wander guided by some of my favourite meditation aids. So here I will share what I personally use to bring my mind into a relaxed state.

For relaxation while I work

For when I have 10 minute spare time

Waterfall Relaxation Aid

Angel Names

Names Angels

Angel Names starting with Letter " C"

Camael ~ Angel of Joy
He presides over contentment, joy and beauty. "One who see's God"
Cassiel ~ Angel of Temperance
Angel of solitude and tears
Cathetel ~ Angel of the Garden
Inspires us to love and be thankful for nature
Chamuel ~ Angel of Tolerance
Is an archangel and assisits us in loveing ourselves so we may love others
Charmeine ~ Angel of Harmony
Shows us how to bring harmony into our lives
Charoum ~ Angel of Silence
Inspires us to be good listeners
Cherubim ~ Angel of Wisdom
The record keepers of heaven depicted with four wings
Colopatiron~ Angel of Liberation
Guides as through struggle while inspiring us to rely on our own inner knowing

Read the rest of the A-Z of angels names here

Angel Pictures

Angel Prayer

Automatic Writing
Communicating with Your Angels

Automatic writing is a tool for connecting and communicating with angels, guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and or your higher self through writing.

It enables you to receive answers to questions important to you.

Writing automatic and indeed drawing automatic can be utilized to answer questions, seek guidance from he angelic realms

automatic writing is often done in a slightly altered state of consciousness

in some forms of this writing style the spirit manipulates the hand or pen of the writer, in this case the writer is often completely unaware of what has been written, and or the handwriting style does not look like he/she would normally write
some people utilize their "non-writing " hand to facilitate a stronger connection ( i.e. it is believed for some people this makes it easier to shut of the logical left brain)

the angels and spirits may also communicate by forming messages in the mind of the writer, which are then reproduced as perceived on the paper.

for some others yet the writing automatic is unconscious and messages are formed from material in the subconscious mind, from the higher self within you

to read more about writing automatic for angel communications viit the Automatic Writing Page at

lnspirational Quote

For all healing, mental or material, is attuning each atom of the body, each reflex of the brain forces, to the awareness of the divine that lies within each atom, each cell of the body.

Edgar Cayce

more inspirational quotes in the Angel Quote Garden

Garden Angels
With the spring sunrays tickling my face I have been tempted to feel the earth underneath my feet and do some gardening. I have speperated a little area to create an altar all fo myself . To recharge my crystals, to pray amongs the nightime stars, to connect to the angelical realms with my feet frimly planted on the ground . A little Angel Statue resides there, as well as some dreamcatchers, found stones, treasured shells that keep the sound of the sea nearby.
I planted some herbs, placed a bowl to catch the rainwater, created a little seating area where I can be still.

Even if you dont have the spce to create a whole altar little Garden Angels can be bought in all sorts of shapes and sizes suitable for even the tiniest of spaces. it always brings a smile to my face seeing an angelic face peeking out of the undergrowth.
It stops my business, it makes me breathe a little slower and a little deeper to fully enable me to drink in angelic awareness.

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