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Wham IT- Angel Stop Press Message for
April 22, 2006

Lucy Learns Kid Activities News

by Lila and Maya

STOP PRESS ~ My Wham - It Angel

Message for all of those who have asked me about
my working happily from home
mom & co :-)

The company I use to build my websites just bought out their a special Mayday offer , I call it the Wham-IT Angel :-) for Work from Home Mom's ( and Dad's :-)
I just bought the site with the offer and got the second one for LucyGardens and am getting very exited to get cracking with it.
Its like a little blessing for spring that finds its way into my home

To make working from home a joy and successful
My Motto is
Got a Passion - Find a Niche - Talk About it - Make Money

But what I love most about the whole business approach of this company are the forums because working from home can be a lonely business and to be able to talk and ask questions and learn together with the other Whams and indeed webentrepeneurs of all niches is what makes my day a little brighter
I build all my websites with this company and am thrilled with it .

My sites :-) build over 4 years
(new bought with mayday offer so still in its infancy)

If you join then I look forward to meeting you in the Sbi Forum Chat Room with the other Wham's , its a real community feel, thats what I love about this company, I am never alone behind my computer desk :-)

Bright Sunny Blessings to all

Their Mayday offer Webaddress if your browser does not read HTML

Mayday offer for Whams review133.html

FREE Action Guide

I love it, they now even brought out my favourite "Angel Blessing - giggle" the
"WAHM-IT Angel MAster Course"

Four "ordinary" moms, three from the United States and one from the UK, explain everything that a mother would want to know about starting a real business from home. They start right from the beginning, from reviewing all of the options and organizing properly, to the nitty-gritty of how to actually build a substantial income online. They even include case studies.

Psss .. Take a little peek at how it all works

Enjoy , Might see you there

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