Alphabet Enochian

"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo




Angels and Guardian Angels have a way of letting us know exactly that
which is most beneficial for us at any given time more no less ..perfect angelic guidance - always -- eternally



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Angel Enochian Symbols

Angels Guide and Guardian Angels invite you simply BE
Angel Communications are varied and as colourful as the person trying to communicate. To keep an open mind, to expect the unexpected and to suspend judgements are all key elements to successful angel communications

Explore Scripts Enochian

~ Some call it Alphabet Enochian some refer to it as Magic Enochian or Angelic Scripts

Angelic language, form the basis of the Enochian system of magick, so named because it was supposedly given first to Enoch, the Biblical figure who "walked with God" and was taken up to heaven, thus avoiding death.

The samples of script angelic given to Dee and Kelly -- the 49 Keys, which are made up of less than 1000 distinct words, plus the names of a large number of angels, and numerous snippets -- represent the only samples we have of the Angelic language available to this date.


The Enochian Alphabet.


What is the Enochian Alphabet

The Enochian script is also refered to as an Angelic Script

History of the Enochian Alphabet

first appeared during the 16th century
according to legend the enochian language was given to the The Court Astrologer and Magician, Dr. John Dee (1527-1608) and his associate, Sir Edward Kelly (1555-1597)
they clained the enochian script was transmitted to them by angels

Uses of the Enochian Alphabet

used in ceremonial magick when working with Angelic beings
alphabet enochian utilised when summoning angels
used in the practice of magic enochian on enochian calls or keys, which are used to call angels
Enochian script is correctly written from right to left and is commonly accented

The Enochian Alphabet.

A Representation of the alphabet and the names of the letters

There a several enochian and angelic script fonts abvailable, here you can download the kelley version freely

The study ,translation and phonetic awareness of angelic scripts is fascinating. So far these seemed to be the only samples of angelic enochian langague that have been transmitted by the angels unless somebody out there is keeping quiet about it. It still amazes me how wonderous this world is and how many pathways and avenues are yet open for soulful discovery. More information on Enochian Alphabets and Angel communication



The Enochian Alphabet
Angel Comunication can happen in a variety of ways, depending on your belief of what an angel is and how to go about communication with angelic vibrations
~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?

~ Angelic Vibrations are all round us ..

~ I take a quiet moment of introspection to tune into that which is so much larger than my Self alone ... to feel my connection with all that is ..

For me, Life is about Connection ..about remembering Connection
..about BEING that connection . The journey that i have taken to come to this understanding has been beautiful, challenging and exciting all at the same time .
For me Life is balance , the experience of that which is possible ... if only i remember that it is so :-)


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