Angel Cemetery

"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo





Angels and Guardian Angels have a way of letting us know exactly that
which is most beneficial for us at any given time more no less ..perfect angelic guidance - always -- eternally
"He spake well who said that graves are the footprints of angels." ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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Angel Cemetery
A Journey through angel cemeteries

I have seen a lot of angel cemeteries but this one has taken my breath away. Located in the heart of London, United Kingdom, it has to be one of the most mesmerising places. This cemetery is quite well known and charges an entrance fee as well as asking photographers to purchase a permit for taking photos within its compounds.


The Entry fee is not high and is used for maintaining this cemetery so that it may be enjoyed for a long time yet.

Adjacent to the actual Highgate Cemetery you can also take a guided tour of the surrounding buildings. Angel Cemetery

I went to Highgate cemetery on a cold and frosty London day and the aura surrounding the graves, the energy there could be physically felt.
The Angel Guardians where keeping watch over the angel graves and one could feel a true commited angelic presence. Here some of my favourite angel pictures
Angel Cemeteries

London Cemeteries

Highgate Cemetery

Click on the Angel Pictures to open another browser window for a larger view of the angel statues and angel sculptures
Angel Picture Angel Cemeteries Angel Ivy
Angel Statues Angel Images Angel Cemeteries Angel Pointin Way to Cross
Angel Cemeteries Angel Pictures Angel Celtic Cross
Angel Cemeteries Angel Pictures Angel Statues Elegant Angel
Angel Cemeteries Angel Statues Angel Picture Imposing Angel
Angel Cemetery Angel Statue Angel Picture Always Angel
Angel Cemetery Angel Picture Angel Holding wreath
Angel Cemeteries Angel Pictures Angel Image Angel Protectress
Angel Images Angel Statues ANGEL Cemeteries
Germany: Angel Friedhof Cemetery Hamburg
England: Stonefall Angel Cemetery Yorkshire

Walking among the remembrance stones is a unique experience and capturing the essence of angelic presence makes it even more special. Walking with respect and reverence of the beauty of a live lived and remembered and marked by a heavenly presence by loved ones is a sight that I love observing. It is amazing how many lives are entangled and lying happily next to each other on a cenetery - once more a reminder for me that we are all made from the same suff- Oness returning to Oneness..<P>

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?
~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?


Angel Guide
An Angel guide - exploring angelic vibrations and the Possibilities of our connection to Guardian Angels, Angelic Realms and Angelic Energy Vibrations
Angel Intuitives offer help in learning how to communicate with archangels and indeed own personal guardian angels .

Opinions differ on what angels are , some believes are presented here
Angels are welcome in my life and I take time to ask them for their continuing presence, guidance and at times all the while knowing that they are part of which I chose to call my Higher Self, Source and all that is- therefore part of the playground called Oneness

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