Angel Gatherings

"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo





Angels and Guardian Angels have a way of letting us know exactly that
which is most beneficial for us at any given time more no less ..perfect angelic guidance - always -- eternally
"If you can't hear the angels, try quieting the static of worry". ~Valentine Sterling


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Angel Gatherings
A Diary of Angel Encounters, Songs,Art, Media,Visions,Emotions

Angels are making their presence felt everywhere. Once you start opening yourself up to the draw of the angelic realms little reminders are catching my eye along the way.

This page is going to be dedicated to Angelic gatherings in my everyday life, where did I spot a sculpture, listend to an angel lyric, followed the gaze of a white feather tumbling to the ground.

When did I not get angel songs out of my head, where did I capture the beautiful sight of an angel figurine, a sculpture, a hidden engraving in a church,mesmerising angel pictures, an emotion subconciously filling me up, a sudden intuition...

Angel guide - exploring angelic vibrations ..Angel and Guardian Angels invite you to be ..simply be

Angel Poems seemed to always turn up just when I need them, an angel message drops through my e-mail when least expected. Always I feel I am not alone and I have this great pull towards recording my feelings , my sightings follow the thread and recapture at the 1st of January 2006 where it lead me.

So come journey with me through this year 2005 , illustrating here the presence of Angel Gatherings.

Angel Gatherings

Angel Gatherings

June 13th 2005

Power Animals, Totem Animals or Animal Guides.

As well as Angels, Animals can be our guides in this lifetime.
Certain animals are associated with qualities that represent their species.
Their combined knowledge and attributes can be called upon to help you in your own journey

My main totem animal " The Buffalo" of Bull

Buffalo is associated with
~ Sacredness
~ Slowing Down
~ Gratitude
~ Contemplation
~ Awareness and Appreciation of the Web of Life

To look a buffalo in the eye is to experience humility down to your core.

To find out more about Totem and Power animals check out my
webpage here : Totem Animals

Positively Spiritual

Angel Gatherings

June 11th 2005

Here are some of my latest "Angel Findings", Photos from my travels around the world, collecting angelic images as I go along

Angel Wings on a Truck

Angel Gatherings

June 10th

Wow, where did 3 months go :-) cant believe how time displaces itself in one's consciousness at times.
I have been busy working on a new website about general extrasensory perceptions
Feel free to visit at

I have also had the pleasure of immersing myslef more into the Shamanic Healing Arts, especially enjoying a course taken with Nicky Scully of "Alchemical Healing" Fame. What a wonderous new avenue and I am fascinated by just how interconnected the universe is




Angel Gatherings

March 8th ,

Strolling round the streets of London I came across the "Angel TubeStation" with a beautiful Angel statue outside .
Gathering Angels everywhere I go :-)

Angel Picture Angel Tube station London England


Angel Gatherings

February 19th ,

KC and I went to a local Mind , Body and Soul exhibitionand what a wonderous experience it has been. Amonst the eclectic variety of stalls were several Angel Card Readers offering their services. I was taken by a medium that offered tarot and angel card readings and curious to experience her offerings. So I booked in for a 25 minute angel reading at her booth. I enquired as to whether she directly connects to the angelic realms and she replied that she worked with either Archangel Raphael or Archangel Gabriel, then paused for a second, connectiong herself and continued : "Its Raphael today"

I have been drawn to Archangel Raphael for a while now so was pleased to hear she was working with his energy. She procceded her reading laying a continous spread and offering first a kind of lifepath message and then delving into relationship issues, work/growth related issues and then answering any questions I may have.

It felt a very fluid kind of a reading, no hesitation and her face assured me that she was connecting herself with me and the issues at hand. When the reading finished I left somewhat lighter, yet also wondering exactly as to what just happened. I often find that the majority of messages received during an Angel Card Reading emerge during the course of the day, become clearer, relevant and purposeful when thinking about them. So it is important not to dismiss anything, to stay open to receiving insights when thinking again about the angel reading received and to embrace any insights that you feel are relevant for yourself. Let your intuition be the guide - always.

Angel Gatherings

February 14th ,

My daughter and I are having a fantastic time at the moment with our latest evening ritual. I am an artist so we draw, paint and collage a lot in our house. Instead of an evening story my daughter has requested to draw "Angels" before going to sleep.
So imagine us, sitting together snuggled up underneath a huge fluffy quilt, with my favourite set of Prismacolor pencils and a good quality bound drawing book each.
There seems to be an eternal bond when we both pick up our colors and proceed to let our imagination, inspiration and intuition take over to create Angels of our hearts.
We finished today with wishing each other a "Happy Love Day" and my daughter said "Mummy you are pure love" Well I was well and truly flying high then.

A Poem inspired by my daughter:

Pure Love
Mummy's are pure love
Mummy's angels are pure love messengers
Angels are pure love
All that is is love


Angel Gatherings

February 11th

Our local Spiritual Gathering Group had invited an Angel Card Reader to demonstrate some of her skills and teach all presented a little bit about the angelical realms.
Entering the room was a most amazing experience - imaginne about 80 people sitting together, all spiritually aware, yet on different paths. The room had been lit with an arrangement of candles and several little corners were filled with the smell of natural incense. The energy was so present, so wonderous one could not but notice. There were a lot of smiles on peoples faces and everybody had a warm expectancy of things to come.

The lady intorduced herself , gave a little history and then led all participants to a most invigorating meditation, where lots of people seem to enter different realms and were almost unwilling to return. I was so impressed with her presence and demeanour,, her own angelic aura that I will write an indepth account of the day at the Angel Readings Page. There you will also find my latest addition to this site the Lila* Star Angel Oracle Cards

Its an online Free Angel Reading, try for yourself what the angels have in store for you today :)

Angel Gatherings

February 8th , 2005

Something has touched me today. I have an "Do you believe in Angels Poll" on the homepage and one of the questions there is " Do you know the name of your guardian angel?

Most people either leave it blank or add the name of their guardian angel... however one entry yesterday stood out and really touched me. I thought I would share it here :

Does your Guardian Angel have a name? If you like to share enter below :

"I have many Angels. The right one arrives when needed. Believe me, with my background I keep the Angelic Realms busy. And now I call upon a new Angel, who I've just heard of yesterday. A sweet lovingly kind, generous, and enormously gifted Angel still with latent talents she does not realize yet. God Bless her! Although I havent physically seen this latest Angel, I am aware of her presence, and her name. "Lila", (*Star*) isn't that a wonderful name for such a Messenger of GOD? I am Blessed."

Angel Gatherings

February 1st,

The Angel Card

I picked for today read:

Strangers may enter your life
for a short time
but the healing they bring
can last a lifetime

Well there is news, KC has moved in with us for a month, and it has been delightful so far. She gave me a wonderful reiki healing yesterday and I feel that we connect on an ancient sort of level, like we have met before and where quite destined to spend this time together..

Angels entertained unaware is a saying - yet I feel quite aware of angelic presence. Looking forward to what the next few weeks may bring

Angel Gatherings

January 23rd

A new angel poem caught my eye when flicking through the book Spirit Guides and Angel Guardians , its an old poem by Francis Thompson (1859 -1907)

Little Jesus

Little Jesus wast thou shy
Once,and just so small as I?
And what did it feel like to be
Out of heaven,and just like me?
Didst Thou sometimes think of there,
And ask where all the angels were?

I should think that I would cry
For my house all made of sky;
I would look about the air,
And wonder where my angels were;
And at waking 'twould distress me-
Not an angel there to dress me
Hadst Though ever any toys,
Like us little girls and boys ?
And didst Thou play in heaven with all
The angels,that were not too tall
With stars for marbles? Did the things
Play Can you see me? Through their wings?

Angel Gatherings


Angel Spotting, giggle, almost has become a past time in itself. I am fascinated by the many ways people use angelic images in media productions, adverts, illustrations and such things. Walking throught the streets my eyes catch a glimpse of a wing, a smile of a cherub or an outrageously funny portrayal of an angel. I am going to include my favourite ones here in the angel diary.. Enjoy

This I found highly amusing, found in a London Underground station

Then aptly half an hour later, I came across this sign " An Angel Fancy Dress Agency"

Angel Gatherings

January 19th.

My daughter (4) and I were lying in bed this morning, greeting our toes with a good morning tickle and waking up snuggling together. We welcomed the angels as we have been doing every morning for a while now, and thank them for a restful night. We do a little mini meditation whereby we send some healing light to those who need it. Today we send some to my father who could do with some healing for his poorly intestine, and we send some to babe's cousin Jo who just had her appendix out.

Then I said lets ask the angels to send some healing light to dad in his office... NOOO she said. I ask why not, to which she replied " He is not ill, he does not need healing".
Fair enough I thought, but I also saw her thinking. A few minutes later she said.. " Do you know what? "
"What" I said... she replied: There are really two kinds of angel light, the Healing Light and the "Make happy light" ... and it made me smile and right she is , from today we are also dispensing "Make Happy Light" to those that could use a little cheering up

I love my little angel :-)

Angel Gatherings

Angel Gatherings

January 16th

A new angel has arrived. Last night I saw for the first time a beautiful female looking angel , carrying a tray with a loaf of bread on top. The tray had a white cotton clothe underneath upon which the bread was lying. There was aslo a small bowl on the tray. At first I could not really associate what I was seeing and just let the image enter my mind. When suddenly it hit me. There is an old russian custom of offering bread and salt to a new visitor, a guest just arrived, welcoming them.

I felt a real sense of arrival, of being openly welcomed into another realm, having had my first medium channeling experience sort of having entered another door. Amazing, I feel really light at present, with a constant inner smile, happy, knowing, feeling , sensing everything to the full.

Angel Gatherings

I have tried to create a sort of angelic vision of what I see.. this is the typical russian lady offering bread and salt, when I went out looking for a graphic I could not believe the white cloth. All of them had a white cloth covering the tray, so I tried to create an angel vision of one to bring a little closer to your imagination of what I see.

Enjoy Lila *Star*

Angel Gatherings

Angel Gatherings

January 15th

Today I feel a sense of peace, a sense of mental exhaustion and the need to surround myself with visual affirmative images to soothe my soul. What an amazing time I am having, and I feel a certain release writing it all down and somehow making it 'real" on the page

I think I am quite depleted with my energy as I am giving out soo much , I need to secure some for myself. I am going to paint today, immersing myself in colour and feeling really grateful for these amazing experiences I am being given

Today I am sending you an Angel of Healing

Angel Gatherings

January 14th

It is 1 am and my knees are still shaking. What a night. I went with KC to the Evening of Clairvoyancy, expecting a talk about psychic and psychic readings , mediumships etc, yet it was an actual group reading that was taking place - and I got chosen . After about 20 minutes of talking to various people in the 70 odd crowd it was to be my turn. I had the honour to connect with my paternal grandfather and my maternal grandmother, the latter giving me some amazing insight to a problem my family is experiencing at the moment. I was described through the medium as exactly how I would perceive myself, even down to my adventurous , radical spirit then seems so normal to me yet as the medium said " to most of the population it would seem pretty strange... When your girlfriend is a witch, your best family friend a transvestite, you think nothing of having a perfectly personal angelic conversation over a cup of tea with a stranger, the majority of the company you keep is borderline "offbeat" .. then yes I guess to a "mainstream person my crowd of people would be called amazingly colourful - to be polite .. giggle

What an extraordianry experience, totally unable to control my emotions I cried releasingly when my grandma (through the medium pointing out with her hands exactly the area where my dad currently has a major health problem)guided me as to where I need to focus my healing attention.. When the mediums guides told my that my entire life's purpose this time round is to learn, to experiennce everything that is thrown into my path, to drink life from the fullest cup possible, to not listen to anybody that tells me to slow down, because what I am doing is exactly what I am meant to be doing --- I do know that, but what an amazing gift to have it confirmed by spirit watching over me. Thank you , from very deep inside, for letting me see...

Angel Gatherings

January 13th

When I met KC yesterday, a young woman full of wonderous spirituality, I showed her my pack of angel cards. She carefully open the pack and the first card that came into her hand read as follow

Strangers may enter your life
for a short time
but the healing they bring
can last a lifetime

I have asked for somebody to share, and I have been given. I am grateful

She invited me along to an "Evening of Clairvoyancy" tomorrow, so the wonderous journey continues...

Angel Gatherings

January 12th,

I knew today I would have an afternoon off, my husband came home early to look after babe. So I had planned to visit to a new age store which I had not seen before as they had also advertised angel card readings. In the car I ask the angels to guide me along to have a nice, soothing day for my soul. I arrived at the shop and was quite dissappointed, cheap and tacky and not a single spiritual feeling filling the room. I left and pondered the idea of going into one of those little ceramic studios where you can paint your own china. I walked in and nobody else was in the room. The girl at the desk invited me kindly in and i started painting an angel mug for my daughter. After all her angels pink wings and black dots needed to find a creative form. I started talking with the girl and soon she told me she was from Australia, here to have a look at the world and off to Findhorn next. Wow I said, amazing place and we had a conversation in common. Just how in common should truly emerge over the next 3 hours. We went from one topic to the next, from talking about our angel conversations, to psychic encounters, mediumship readings and innermost thoughts i had never even shared with anybody. This was magical. There she was, a 20 year old woman with a much wiser soul within herself, a joy to behold. I learned so much in those 3 hours as we shared. I invited her to come to dinner with me after the shop closed and we proceeded for another 4 hours to have this whirlwind conversation through psychology, sprituality, and embracing our Angel Friends. What a wonderful day, what a simply wonderful day. I had so longed for somebody face to face, to be able to speak about all these amazing encounters I am having. And here she was,listening like a wise old woman, exitable like the 20 year old she is but spiritually reaching out to draw me in. I thank her and i thank my angels for this amazing encounter.

Angel Gatherings

January 11th,

A little Play on Angels

"A" is for angelic as some earth friends can be
"N" is for the nice things that I can see
"G" is for God who sends his angels down
"E" is for elated, how I feel when angels are around
"L"is for Love, deep, tender and always there
"S" is for Silence, listen: Angels really do care!

Angel Gatherings

January 10th,

I am reading a fascinating book about channeling by chris stormer. What struck me was an exercise to create a more vivid imagination. I find my own imagination often running completely wild with me and I have no problems playing whole scenarious in my head. Yet my husband has great difficulties seeing passed the obvious, the concrete and I suppose the logical. When we are talking about angelical realms it is necessary to have an active imagination that lets you play with symbols, colours and visions in a open minded way

So here a little exerpt from the book
Exercise to create a more vivid imagination - Lie next to a tree and daydream, allowing your imagination to spin images and stories based on paste experiences and hopes and fears for the future
- Believe it to be your own private world and allow pleasing illusions to reflect a psychic influence.
- Thoughts of another person can exert a subliminal influence, upon daydreaming patterns of others and vice versa, because all Subconcious minds are connected and have unlimited access to one another.

this is such a fascinating thought to ponder, the all-connected -universal-mind...

Leaving you with an angel by your side for today

Angel Gatherings

January 9th,

Guardian angels, they conjure up a mysterious pull toward safety, security, bliss and feelings of total comfort. I have been thinking about the way I grew up, with no spiritual nurture at all, I did not have any concept of a spiritual realm nor any inkling that their were protective energies all around us.

When I became a mum I entered my own spiritual path and to have the power of opening up spiritual possibilities and nurture within her is giving me an amazing , powerful feeling.

When I meditated and ask my ange what I should do I got the message of writing and illustrating a guardian angel book for kids. Non denominational, just purely making kids aware of their angelic friends.

Wow I thought, a book , I will have to think hard about that but I personally would love to be able to read to my daughter and teach her to make friends with her angels. Maybe there are other mums out there too... I will ponder over it :-) and sharpen my drawing pencils.

Angel Gatherings

January 8th, 2005

What a beautiful day today. After having had many days of cold, overcast weather the sky opened up today. Beautifully clear and blue with just the right amount of fluffy white clouds inviting me to do a bit of Cloud Scrying To watch the clouds fly by, offering a glimpe of an angel wing or two, a notion of the power of nature and its unseen forces.

My daughter ask me today "Mama, is the wind invisible? " and I was pondering over an answer. As I stood there watching the white angelic clouds make their way across the sky I could "see" the wind, feel the breeze and be at one with the energy that moves everything that is.

Angel Gatherings

January 7th,

Trust your angels, trust in knowing that they will be there. Trust is not something always that easily given, especially when the left side of the brain insists on being dominant. However once you can capture that trust and retain it, bathe yourself in it even for a little while , that following glow will not leave you quickly, if ever.

To trust is the ultimate faith, and I am learning what the word faith means. It eluded me for many, many years yet I have never been as close to it as I am now. My angels are with me, and I would like to thank them here, aloud, for gifting me with awareness.

Angel Gatherings

January 6th,

"Angels a Joyous Celebration"

a tiny little book with a huge big heart, found its way into my home, send by a dear friend. Here is an exerpt I like to share.

I've heard that little infants
converse by smiles and signs
with the guardian band of angels
that round them shines
Unseen by grosser senses;
beloved one! dost thou
Smile so upon the heavenly friends
and commune with them now?

Caroline Anne Southey
English Poet (1786 - 1854)center>

Poetic Angel Gatherings, I look forward to exploring historic angel writings, a fascinating thought to trace it back as far as one can go...


Angel Gatherings

January 5th,

This morning my daughter was stirring in bed, turned around and wriggled herself up. Mama, she said.. my guardian angel has got pink wings, sort of like this... And she got up and folded her little arms into round open winged shapes. "And do you know what?" she said, the wings have got black dots on them, all over!".

I looked it her, and all her innocent, magical all knowing beauty filled me up to the rim. She danced a little dance, she sang a little song and my only desire is to keep that spirit alive, undisturbed, growing its wings to fly her wherever they may take her.

Our afternoon was filled with making a picture of that angel, I drew an angel under her instruction and she cut out colours and shapes and decorated her guardian angel picture

And she is sharing it here with you

My Guardian Angel Picture
by Aucassa age 4

Angel Gatherings

January 4th,

A Quote today from the Angel Book I am currently reading:

" Angels use synchronicity and coincidence to give you signals about your life path and their presence. They also work in mysterious and magical ways to push projects forward"
from Angel Inspirations by Diana Cooper

I used to call it instinct, a kind of inner knowing, a mothers trust , unexplained synchronicites that just "happened", telepathic wavelengths to my mother before i was aware of the workings in the angelic realms.

the more I read, the more I feel familiar, the more I enjoy exploring deep psychological concepts and following my own thoughts deep along mysterious pathways.

A picture for today to share

Angel Gatherings

January 3rd

Tonight was beginning to turn into morning and i was contemplating what to write for todays angel gatherings diary
I started talking to a friend online about her day,chit chatting about, when she suddenly said
" Guess what happend this afternoon? "

Her, her husband and 2 daughters were watching the local news on TV. A piece about the Year of Faith began, showing artwork depicting various different faiths.

Suddenly the volume on the TV went high up, really loud, yet nobody had moved at all. No one had touched the remote control either for the past half an hour and when they tried to turn it down they couldn't. Her husband got the remote TV control and the volume button was stuck down.

Funnily she said they decided "it was me and my angels at work, getting us to take more notice of all things "faithy"

Well what can I say, my friend and I had had a heart to heart conversation the day before and I had gone that night and ask the angels .

I asked my angel to somehow get a message to my friend that will point her on her way to opening the door to the spiritual realm

I asked that she may be given some access to her inner spirituality, in whatever form she needed it

I ask that she maybe be shown how to walk past the hurt of her past

Her comment: " Well you certainly got some reaction!", you should've seen us all sat there looking from one to the other,wondering who the heck was turning the volume up so loud, totally freaked i tell you!! I guess its you and your visuals at work"

Wow, I am totally amazed and smiling

Angel Gatherings

January 2nd,

I had the most amazing experience today.
I felt my mum was in need of some angelic help, as she had opened herself up to the angels once before, yet had on several occasions afterward attempted to connect but not really succeeded.
So I went to bed and upon closing my eyes around 1.30 am I ask my guardian angel for help. I asked whether he could deliver a message to my mums guardian angel asking for assistance in enabling her again to see, to learn and to grow within angelic presence.

Today I got a phonecall from my mum , saying guess what happened.
I started to listen and she told me she had been unable to get to sleep last night, tossing and stirring until she finally got up around 1.45 am, and settled to rest in front of the telly.
She flicked around the channels until her eye fell upon the title of one program " Angel Night" and low and behold the station had a 5 hour nightly special of programs relating to angelic encounters, angel presence in everyday life and general discussions on guardian angels.
She sat mesmerized and finally went to bed at 4.50 am with a smile upon her face.

In the mid morning she got up and settled herself after breakfast with her Angel Cards ( a present from me) , some francincense incense and started to open herself up.
She received an answer to one of her questions and generally spent an hour in absolute illuminated bliss. My Dad saw her an hour later, and enquired whether she had a spare candle so he could light one in his den and also "do a bit of that meditation stuff" ( My dad has never asked for a candle in 55 years)

She again felt a true deep connection, gave him a candle and then started writing everything down in a little diary.

In the afternoon she phoned me exclaiming: "I know this will not leave me again."

Wow, I feel honored and I thank my guardian angel for listening intently and wrking for me and my mum at the angel gatherings

Angel Gatherings

January 1st, 2005

An email arrived in my mailbox today , that reminded me of angelic beginnings, the start of a new year and the pull that the change brings at this time. A friend of mine had taken a beautiful Angel Photo for me, passing long the rows of souls departed in a cemetry, these angelic statues are left as a constant reminders of angelic presence during the cycles of our lifes.

There is a definite feel of purpose in the air, a knowing that I am following the path I am meant to tread.

Angel Gatherings


Angel Guide
An Angel guide - exploring angelic vibrations and the Possibilities of our connection to Guardian Angels, Angelic Realms and Angelic Energy Vibrations
Angel Intuitives offer help in learning how to communicate with archangels and indeed own personal guardian angels .

Opinions differ on what angels are , some believes are presented here
Angels are welcome in my life and I take time to ask them for their continuing presence, guidance and at times all the while knowing that they are part of which I chose to call my Higher Self, Source and all that is- therefore part of the playground called Oneness

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