Angel Sanctuarys

"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."
We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another. ~Luciano de Crescenzo





Angels and Guardian Angels have a way of letting us know exactly that
which is most beneficial for us at any given time more no less ..perfect angelic guidance - always -- eternally
"It is impossible to see the Angel unless you first have a notion of it." James Hillman



Angel Sanctuarys

Exploring Anime Angels as a part of the anime characters
What fascinates me is the way one's eyes are open to see wherever your gaze falls upon. The luxury of having this website is to be able to embrace all , and more importanly share angelic visions with people who would not have necessarily looked in the anime world to find angels. Yet they do exist everywhere, finding their way into all corners of life.

Angels are simply beautiful messengers of light and the more we become familiar with their beauty and accept their existence the more angel communications will become commonplace.

Whether it be the modern anime angels or the more traditional biblical angels - all are welcome in the spirit they present themselves in.
There is beauty in variety - there is balance in emracing opposites - life is beauty - life is balance.
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Angel Sanctuary's Story Line

Angel Sanctuarys
anime angels
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Angel Sanctuarys,Angel Sanctuary Story Line, Character Descriptions, Pictures

angel wing icon Alexiel is the most beloved of God's Angels and also the highest and closest one to God.

He wages a war against God and loses it.

angel wing iconHe is reborn as a human boy, Setsuna, and struggles with visions and supernatural powers

angel wing icon Angels and Demons are appearing to attend to his awakening

angel wing icon The Question remains: Will Setsuna lead them to Salvation or the Apocalypse?

Download translated versions of angel sanctuarys here

Angel Sanctuarys Characters
 Heaven's Angels

angel wing icon Setsuna Mudo

angel wing icon Sara Mudo

angel wing icon Kira

angel wing icon Alexiel anime

Hell's Angels

angel wing icon Rosiel

angel wing icon Katan

angel wing icon Kurai

angel wing icon Arachne anim

These are the Angel Sanctuarys characters
You may have found angel sanctuary,angels,anime,anime art,anime angels
~ Who is your favourite angel anime character ?
~ Have you ever tired your own anime design ?
~ Whether anime angelic can be used to draw anime or even how to draw anime instructions to print

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?
~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?

Angel Pictures and Sketches

Angel Art comes in all shapes and sizes and encompasses all ages.

Angel Presence is felt in young peoples hearts too and they express it on thheir terms.
Beautiful Japanese anime renderings have always inspired me. The graphic lines of this angel cartoon work is amazing to an artists eye.

I feel I draw to embrace all forms of angelic presence and extend an open mind and open heart to expressions of Angel Art for in my mind they all origninate from the same source

Angel Guide
An Angel guide - exploring angelic vibrations and the Possibilities of our connection to Guardian Angels, Angelic Realms and Angelic Energy Vibrations
Angel Intuitives offer help in learning how to communicate with archangels and indeed own personal guardian angels .

Opinions differ on what angels are , some believes are presented here
Angels are welcome in my life and I take time to ask them for their continuing presence, guidance and at times all the while knowing that they are part of which I chose to call my Higher Self, Source and all that is- therefore part of the playground called Oneness

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