Angel Story Life After Death
True Guardian Angel Stories and Real Angel Encounters sharing messages from Heaven and the realms beyond

Angel Story Life After Death, Angel Messages from Loved Ones Passed,True Angel Encounters from Spirits from Other Side , Life after Death Stories to believe in Angels

Angels share messages about Life after Death in the most peculiar ways, they are not always earth shattering messages but often hidden in the small personal details of life that only YOU will know, that only you will find curios enough to take notice and that is where the beauty lies , it is only our own heart that will really know where and how to look for messages from loved ones that have passed and tuning into to the angelic energies can help to open our hearts to receive. If you find it hard to still your mind then try a tarot reading or meditation with angel blessing cards like Doreen Virtue angel cards or even angel designs on ordinary tarto cards can help get us in the right mood to being connected with our guardian angels and loved ones sending messages from the beyond

There is nothing more heartwarming than a Real Angel Story, told from those whose hearts were wide open enough to experience a True Angel Encounter. Here we share our favorite angel stories as told to our Angel Guide website by our readers... let yourself be take on a journey through the eyes of another angel encounter, then take a free tarot reading to connect with your own angels

Listen to the Angel Whispers, they make themselves known to each and everyone of us differently ... here you can see just how many different angel story encounters are possible anf yet they all do tell us the same .

Angel Story Life After Death
True Guardian Angel Stories and Real Angel Encounters sharing messages from Heaven and the realms beyond

Angel Story Life After Death at

Angel Story Life after Death submitted by John from France

Feeling Angels as Spirit Guides - Angel Story Life after Death

There is much curiosity about the spirit world.
As a spiritual healer and a psychic, I am often in contact with those beloved
in spirit. I do not specialise in this area rather it happens as a part of my
healing work, to the extent that it benefits those I help.

My contact with the spirit world happens on three levels. I work with evolved
spirit in the form of what we understand as Angels, Archangels and Spirit
Guides who channel their great love through me for healing the pain of others.
By speaking about Angels, I realise that I will be heftily scorned by some but
let me say that in my view this terminology is an age old attempt to describe
metaphysical energies and evolved consciousness that we can barely comprehend,
so I use the language that is normally used in this context. The feeling of an
angel or an evolved spirit coming through is one of almost overwhelming love. I
am surrounded and completely immersed in an energy of great peace. The physical
sensation is one of warmth with considerable heat pulsating from my hands and
my being in general. The emotional, psychological experience is one of
tremendous peace. Words cannot really describe the experience fully.

Secondly, I work also with spirit through established energy healing
techniques. I channel these powerful healing energies for the benefit of those
whom they can help.

And thirdly during my healings, if it is in the best interests of the person
involved, the spirits of those beloved who have passed on may come through,
sometimes to ask for forgiveness, to explain something perhaps or sometimes
just to let the loved one know that they are well in spirit. Sometimes they
will offer information to help the healing process of the person present.

I am often given information in advance of a healing as to the nature of the
person's issues, perhaps health issues on the emotional and spiritual level,
Life crises that still affect somebody, work issues, life transformations,
relationships and so on. The healing works in many different ways, sometimes
people experience a great deal during the healing i.e. great peace, physical
sensations, very deep relaxation, visions and so on, sometimes people may need
a few healings, depending on their state of well being (for example if there is
medication, the healing takes longer to be fully experienced). Sometimes people
will notice considerable differences in their well being after the healing e.g.
a woman who had had breast cancer and thought she would never have children
experienced the return of her female cycle which had elapsed for two years.
Another person began to experience fully the joy of nature and could smell the
delightful aroma of flowers that she had not even noticed before. People have
found doors open suddenly, e.g a healing done for somebody immersed in a very
difficult divorce saw the whole process completed by the end of the following
week. He described this outcome as miraculous and in normal human terms would
have given it a one in a million chance.

One point that needs to be made is that Spiritual healing is a spiritual
process and sometimes underneath illness and pain and addiction and human
suffering there is a spiritual process at work and sometimes it is not the
obvious, so through spiritual healing we go a little deeper into the spirit,
the psyche, the past to see what is really going on. Occasionally people don't
really want to change their lives in a fundamental and meaningful way, so I
simply say what I see during the healing and the rest is up to them.

People are infinitely curious about the spirit world. As I have said earlier, I
do not engage with the spirit world for entertainment of any kind. I simply ask
for help as part of my healing work and I would say to others, do not engage
with the spirit world without protection. If you have any dealings with the
spirit world, surrender yourself firstly to Jesus or an archangel or a highly
evolved spirit that you are close to and ask for protection.

I am offering the following examples of communication with the spirit world to
readers to further awareness of spirit and to encourage personal responsibility
in this lifetime.

Angel Story Life after Death submitted by John from France

Recently, I did a distance healing for a lady in another country and I felt the
presence of a man in spirit. I asked him when he had passed on and he informed
me twelve years ago. I asked him what his name was and he communicated 'Jake'.
I asked him was there any other sign that his loved one would recognize him by
and he showed me a fishing reel. On calling my client after the healing, I
asked her to confirm these spirit messages; that there was somebody in spirit
named Jake who had passed on twelve years ago and who was interested in
fishing. She confirmed that all these details were true of her Dad who had
passed on twelve years ago.

On another occasion a lovely man came through in spirit and his spirit messages
showed me three things; a digestive cookie covered in butter, a maroon armchair
and a cigarette smoked right down to the end. His daughter, who was in the room
with me, confirmed afterwards that these had been her late Dad's three great
pleasures in life.

One of my nicest, although saddest experiences was whilst working with a lovely
80 year old woman. I felt the presence of a spirit who had passed on a very
long time ago. The person in spirit showed me a vision of a beautiful summer
meadow with many flowers growing in an array of great splendour and colour.
There was a little girl in the meadow picking some of the flowers and then I
saw a young dark haired woman coming from a farmhouse which was some distance
from the meadow. The woman came to the gate of the meadow and beckoned the
child to come with her to the house and the child did so, carrying her little
bunch of flowers with her. Towards the end of the healing session, I described
to the old lady what I had seen and she began to cry and said 'God Bless you,
you have seen my mother'. She then went on to describe how as a small child in
the west of Ireland, her mother had died on a beautiful summer's day and how
she had gone to the meadow to pick flowers, which she had then taken to the
house where her mother lay and placed them in little jars around the house as a
gesture of love. I was very moved by this experience myself as I comforted the
old lady who had never fully grieved for the sad loss of her mum.

Many signs come through from those who have passed on. I have seen many things
including a clock with 3.15 on it which was exactly the time my client's mother
passed on, the penknife that a man left to his relative who was with me in the
room, the two engagement rings that her late husband bought for my client
because the first one was slightly damaged, the handknit white garments that a
lady had made, another lady's favourite sweets and so on it goes. There are
hundreds of examples from hundreds of healings including one recently where an
elderly spanish lady came through in spirit, told me that she had passed on
about ten years ago and communicated the word 'Abuella' to me which I did not
understand. When I asked my client if she understood the word 'Abuella', she
said 'yes, it means Grandmother' and her grandmother who had just visted us had
indeed passed on about ten years ago.

In general, I want to reiterate that the overwhelming feeling of evolved spirit
is Love. I believe that God is love and that our journey here is all about
finding that love in ourselves. I cannot explain all the suffering in the
world, but I can say that in our relatively well off western world, there is a
huge amount of personal suffering and money and consumer goods don't seem to
make that much difference. I believe that by healing ourselves, our anxieties,
our prejudices, our conditioning, our anger and our fears, we become far
better, far more aware and far more responsible people. We become better people
for ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbours, our society, our countries and
our world including those who desperately need our help.

Angel Story Life after Death submitted by John from France

Have you ever tried connecting with your guardian angels? A tarot reading can help see some of the signs on how to connect with your angels and spirit guides or angel blessing cards have been useful in mediation when trying to slow the mind enough to feel the angelic realms.

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