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"Angels and Guardian Angels invite you simply be "

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Angel Storys

Welcome to the Angel Guide Newletter Sign-up page.

My hope is to connect angel lovers freely and flowingly within the angelical realm.

Feel free to take a peek at what I have to share and if you feel inclined or drawn to share yourself, you are more then welcome to do so in the Angel Storytelling Den.

Angel Guide is a friendly E-zine and newsletter produced by Lila *Star* . Your e-mail will not be sold, lend out or used in any other manner than to subscribe you to this e-zine from which you are free to unsubscribe at any time. I do not believe in spam and making somebody do or read something they have no intention to do so. The Internet allows genuine contact between likeminded people, lets keep it that way and positively connect.

May the angels always be close to you

Lila *Star*

This Angel Guide Newsletter is all about Angels.

I will be offering new angel pictures, angel stories,
angel encounters, original angel wallpapers for your desktop, a day to day angel diary,
a look at angel arts, angel lyrics and new angel songs. I will be designing new angel crafts with step by step photo instructions, write up yummy angel recipes and open up a section for encountering guardian angels with children.

I am also planning a to look at the history of angel appearances tracing it back to its first origins. These will be exiting times exploring the angelical realms
If you want to journey with me, if you like angels, if you love getting updates of additions to this site, angel poetry, angel submissions and all kinds of friendly Angel Whispers then welcome to this E-zine

Fill in your e-mail and first name and you will be send a confirmation e-mail for successful sign up

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?