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"Angels and Guardian Angels invite you simply be "

Angel guide - exploring angelic vibrations


Angel therapies are a type of New Age Therapy based on the overwhelming knowledge that communicating with angels is a major key to healing.

Angel therapists believe they facilitate healing by helping their patients get in touch with angels ,teaching those willing to learn and open up how to recognise angelic symbols and angel signs.
Angel Therapy encourages the seeker to ask the angels direct questions and listen out for given answers. These answers are often of an nature and require sensory and extreasensory awareness. The keys is to recognize those answers in whatever shape they may present themselves.

Angel Therapies with Doreen Virtue

Angel will guide the patient in the right direction of their own personal and spiritual development. Doreen Virtue, author of Angel Therapy notices a great planetary move toward experiencing the angelic vibrancies in greater numbers. More and more people are becoming aware and are consciously seeking to learn more about angel therapies, angel communications and angelic encounters. This is what my website is all about, sharing what I have found out along my path of discovering angels.

Doreen Virtues book angel therapy" target="_blank" onclick="return FIX.track(this);">"Angel Therapy"
is a two-part book that helps readers tackle problems such as addiction, break-up, burnout, depression, and worry. She also addresses specific situations where angels would be able to help giving real life situation to address how to ask for angel communication to solve issues arising, and how to recognize the signs when they are given.

Part One is an A-Z by subject, and Part Two is a step-by-step guide on how to communicate with your angels to solve the problems in your life.

Doreen Virtue is a v ery approachable sort of person, who openly and honestly shares her own life experience , how she first awakened to the angel vibrations, of how she learnt the importance of angelic contact, and the blessings she has received since.

Personally I am looking forward to attending one of her Angel Workshops in April, a whole day devoted to angel medicine, the gentle soothing healing that the embrace with angels offers.

Healing with the Angels

Another book by Doreen Virtue Healing with the Angels

Healing with the Angels

Healing with the Angels by Dr Doreen Virtue

The angels are powerful healers, yet they cannot help you unless you ask for their assistance. In this uplifting audio program, Dr. Doreen Virtue, a metaphysical healer who works with the angelic realm...

talks a lot about number and number sequence significance. 444, 888 and 111 are all number sequences that are correlating to specific messages given from the spiritual and angelic realms. 111 is for Angels communication,so if you are encountering this sequence, keep a watch for the situations around you at the time, they might offer some insights into questions you have.

A lot of Angel Therapy practitioners use this book as well as the accompanying Healing with the Angels Oracle Cards

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?