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Angel Weather Vane

What is a Weather Vane?

Dictionary: weath'-er-vane , noun, a device for indicating wind direction

Weather Vane History:

Their origins are entirely practical, but clearly these wood and metal sculptures transcend their basic task of indicating which way the wind is blowing. Wood vanes were carved by carpenters or furniture makers, and iron and tin ones were forged by the local blacksmith or tinsmith. In the 1850's weather vanes started to be mass-produced from molds.

Weather Vane Design: Weather Vanes have become as varied as the artistic styles of the people owning them.From witty to elegant, naive to intricate,there is an amazing creativity displayed in vane work. The Angel Weather Vane is my favourite, the wind, the flight of the angel wing are my perfect combination.

There are two basic rules that must be followed when designing a weather vane: 1.) The ornament must have unequal area on either side of center. 2.) The ornament must have equal mass on either side of center.

Angel Weather Vane
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Angel - WindCup Weathervane - Polished
Angel Weathervane WindCup Polished
Angel - WindCup Weathervane - Antiqued
Angel Weathervane WindCup Antiqued
Cherub Silhouette Weathervane
Cherub Silhouette Weathervane
Angel Weathervane - Patina
Angel Weather Vane Patina
Angel Bronzed Weathervane
Angel Weathervane
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Garden Angels incl Angel Weather Vane

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