Angelic Healings

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"Angels and Guardian Angels invite you simply be "

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Angelic Healings

Do you need a pair of healing hands?

~ Open yourself to receive healing in whatever form it may be offered

~ Create space during your day to connect with your soul

~ Release yourself to the light

~ Ask for healing, ask to be shown what it is you need to see

~ Love unconditionally, yourself, others and all that is

~ The Angel of Healing embraces you with wings of soft assurance

Healing is knowing you are loved
Healing is loving the ones who know
and teaching love to the ones who dont

~ To embrace healing is acknowledging the strength of your own vulnerability.

To trust, to let angels guide you to exactly where you need to be right now,is a truly freeing embrace of your own spirituality.

Angelic Guidance is subtle and requires you to know and acknowledge the presence of angels in your life. You need to ask in order to receive.
Once asked, you need to hone your senses, your listening skills, you ability to "see" with more than just your eyes. Trust that it is so and it will be so. That is the hardest step yet carries the sweetest renewal.

Angel Oracle - Angelic Healings

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?

~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?