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Angel Communications

Angelic Symbol for Direct Communication

From what I have discovered angel communications are varied and manifold, uniques to each person experiencing them . However there are some angels symbols that seems to turn up again and again , angels symbols that are easily recognized and identified as messages from your angels. Lets have a look at the most commonly occuring angelical symbol.

FEATHERs Angel Symbols

An Angel feather often appears in mysterious places where you least expect it. It will be thrown or blown into your path so you cant miss it. However you need your eyes "open" to see nad feel the angelical realms, you need to be aware of the angel symbols meaning, you need to believe that angels are communicating with you in this way, for if you dont, a hundred angel feathers across your path wont any difference, for you will you think twice about them. To be consciously aware of angelic possibility is embrace, and ask for angel symbols so that they maybe given for you to see...

My Angels Feathers Photo Journal gives a little explanation and photos of my angels feathers encounters.

RAINBOWS Angels Symbol

Rainbows are magical. Everytime I see a rainbow it makes me stop, it makes me look, it draws me in to drink it up with all my senses. When you are consciously connecting with the angel realms and are searching for an angelical symbol, a sign then often a rainbow seems to appear out of nowhere.
How does a rainbow make you feel? In awe? Mesmerized? Well Angels have powerful means for angelic symbol communications and if you open yourself up to the beauty of their angel symbols then you will start to become aware, deep inside, of the luminescent web that its weaving its way through your heart and soul.

Angelic Script forms of Angelic Symbol

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?