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Angelite Crystal Healing Properties
Angelite crystal is said to be a beautiful angelic connection stone.
It can facilitate communication with all aspects of the celestial realm. Teh Celestite crystal enables the user to attune to their vibratory rate
and raise consciousness to a higher level.

Chakra: Throat chakra

Element: Wind

Crystal Healing and Crystal Divination have a long history of being used by shaman, healers, wise women and priestesses for contacting spirit helpers and guardians .From as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria crystals have played an important role in maintaining spiritual connection to source.
Angelite Crystal Properties

Quote Melody , crystal healing expert and author of " Love is in the Earth "
Angelite crystal is an excellent balancing agent,polarizing and aligning thr physical body with the etheral network. Angelite is both a sender and receiver,telephatic communication is enhanced

Quote Judy Hall , crystal healing expert and author of " Crystal Bible
Angelite crystal is one of the stones of awareness for the New Age. It represents peace and brotherhood. It enhances telepathic communication and anables out of body journeys. Angelite is a powerful stone for healers because it deepens attunement and heightens perception.Angelite has been used to enhance astrological understanding. Applied to the feet it unblocks meridians and energetic pathways.

Quote Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

crystal healing expert and authors of
" The Book of Stones

Robert Simmons:
Angelite is a stone which can act as the physical representative or anchoring talisman for the energies of one's guardian angels, guides or other friends in spirit.Carrying, wearing, holding or being near and angelite (anhydrite) stone provides one with a focal point of connection for receiving love, guidance and help from the invisible ones who surround us on the higher planes.Communication and Communion with beings on higher dimensions is angelite's special gift and this makes these crystal stones useful for those wishing to develop powers of psychic attunement, channeling,mediumship,clairvoyance and spiritual healing.Useful tool for astrologers,tarot readers,and others involved in spiritual counselling.

Naisha Ahsian:
Angelite is a strong wind element stone.It facilitates connection and can assist one in moving into meditation easily.The frequency of Angelite crystal is very soothing on the emotional body.

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Angelite Crystal Healing Properties and Crystal Stones for Connecting with Celestial Realms

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