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Angel Communications
What are Angels Communications - What I found out

Angels Communicate - What I found out

What is Angels Communications

angels communicate with humans to transmit messages
questions directly ask into the angelic realm are answered
a combination of the angels transmitting messages and the human receiving and interpretation them
mistakes can be made due to lack of symbolic knowledge, miscommunication, interference of conscious human mind

How do Angels Communicate

angels don't have lips or lungs or tongues
they communicate through a kind of telepathy
they don't always use words to convey their messages
angels are by the content of your own mind (i.e. only things that your are conscious of can be communicated)
angels cannot impress things upon your mind if they are not within your own realm of experience
angels communications are often likened to conversations with small children, you can only use those words that the child can understand
and there is a vast variety of information that the child would simply not yet understand due to the lack of experience
angels have to "come down" to the level of human understanding
angels often communicate in symbols, thus people with the rightly developed symbolic understanding and visual mind
for a particular message are often chosen to receive specific angelic imagery

How do I know I am talking with Angels

when you communicate with angels you receive a message
your own mind might be "filling in" some of the words for you
sometimes you respond by putting words to the impression made upon your mind
try and keep your conscious mind silent so as not to interfere with the angels communications
enjoy symbolism being offered and try and understand its meaning and relevance

How can I talk to my Guardian Angel

ask you guardian angel with full intention to make itself known to you
be open to receiving anything at all without expectation
read and familiarize yourself with angelic symbols and learn to trust your instinct

Angels Communications through Angelic Scripts Angelic Communication is a subject open to a lot of interpretation and personal expereince. Once you can feel the light within you words are never really enough to convey the stat of mind and whole being that it encompasses. I hope that one day everybody can feel the truly amazing nature of talking to an angel.I will be writing more pages on this website dedicated to exercises and mediative visualization practice to help more and more people to tune into angel communications.

~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?

~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?