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  Angels Feathers

The single feather, blown into your path, left for you to find, has got to be the ultimate angelic symbol

The traditional pure white feather, soft and unmissable has captured angel enthusiasts imaginations all over our planet.

A Feathery Angel Day

I believe in Angels. I see them, I feel them yet I still wanted typical good old fashioned angels feathers to suprise me on my path, an angel symbol left by my guardian angel just for me.

This day, after my morning angel communications, having offered my healing to those who I thought in need, having thanked spirit for a peaceful night I ask my guardian angel for an angelic symbol, an angel feather just for me as a sign of his presence.

I had planned to visit one of the Angel Cemeteries so our family started our day out there.

Upon entering I could feel the amazing energy of this place. I always carry my camera and upon purchasing a photo permit I embraced and honored the angelic presence of the departed spirits.

As I walked along I came across a big pile of feathers on the ground and immediately exclained NO, thats not right, thats just a bird whose time had come. I sort of wondered as I had not really thought about my morning question again but it obviously was on my mind.

Then I spotted a beautiful angel statue in the undergrowth and paved my way to get a closer look. I took a spirited angel picture and turned round to enter the path again.

Then I gasped , my gaze had fallen upon a white, single feather mesmerising my eyes. I felt that huge inner smile rising, that knowing, that warm, all embracing knowing that nobody who once has expereinced and acknowledged it can easily deny. I looked up and thanked my guardian angel to grant my wish so speedily . Carefully I picked the angels feather up, caressed its softness and felt truly blessed.

Having enjoyed half an hour "inner glow", glad of being granted my wish the undeniably human thing happened.. My left hand brain had something to say. Niggley, sneaking itself to the forefront of my mind it started to voice doubts.

Lila* Star* Left Brain Talk: " so you are in the middle of undergrowth, in a cemetery, where lots of birds frequently visit - the appearance of a feather is not exactly uncommon now is it?"

Ohh how I sometimes wish I could banish that voice - far away to be left with pure belief, but I cant, and I guess a lot of other humans cannot either.

I tried to keep that happy feeling inside me, managed to recall how it made me smile and left the cemetery.

A few hours later after a wonderful day experiencing a cold and frosty London day we were walking along the thames footpath on when I suddenly took a gasp, followed by a giggle, followed by a loud roaring laughter and I openly declared there and then I would never ever doubt my guardian angels presence again..

For I saw this, in the middle of the pavement, right where my foot would have stepped next

A riot of red and pink, no left brain could ever blame this one on the birds. Red and pink/purple, my favourite colour combination presented to me as an unmistakable angelic symbol. I looked at the angels feathers and I felt it deep deep inside, the giggle of my guardian angel.

I know I shall never need to ask again

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