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Archangel Pictures

 Angelic Vibrations present themselves in a multitude of shapes ,
forms and expressions.
It is for your own inner eye to determine what is perceivable for you

~Definition Archangel vary from source to source but an archangel is thought to be achief angel, one high in the celestial hierarchy. If you take the angel hierarchy as a base then an archangel would be ranked in the highest rank of this celestial ordering system.
~Angels and Archangels to me are energy patterns that carry a higher awareness levels than humans in relation to remembering source energy as oneness. In that sense they act as messengers to enable humans to tune into a higher vibrating frequency and therefore enable an awakening to source energy , a remembering of the original blueprint.
~ In that sense guardian angels and indeed for some archangels act as guardians and personal messengers.
~ Archangel Pictures,Collection of Archangel Images and Archangel Pic


Archangel Pictures Archangel Michael
Archangel  Images Archangel  Gabriel
Archangel  Images Archangel  Uriel
Angel Pictures Archangel  Images Archangel  Raphael
Archangel Pictures Archangel Michael 2
Archangel  Images Archangel  Gabriel 2
Angel Pictures Archangel  Images Archangel  Raphael
Archangel Pictures Archangel Michael 3
Angel Pictures Archangel  Images Archangel  Raphael
Angel Pictures Archangel  Images Archangel
Archangel Names
Angels Names

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~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?
~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?