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  Ariel Archangels

Archangel Ariel
What is an Angel?
a high spiritual being appointed by God, Ultimate Source, All that Is
to guide , protect and help us, Gods Creation
Angel Hierarchy
There are three distinct choirs of angels. The first triad, the closest to source consists of Seraphim, Cherubim and Thrones. These work closest to source.
The second triad consists of the Virtues the Powers and the Dominions. These are the gate keepers between heaven and hell.
The third and lowest triad consists of the Principalities, the Archangels and the Angels. These work closest to human kind.
What is an Archangel?
said to be :
- angels of fire, ruling angels
- able to belong to several levels in the hierarchy angel
- enjoy human contact
guidance for :
different attributes per archangel
Who is Archangel Ariel?

Ariel is an archangel closely related to nature. She is particularly helpful for teachers and healers and assist with psychic development. She works with raphael when healing the physical body. If a lion appears you know she is with you.

Information about Ariel
Name meaning "Lioness of God"
Virtues courage, focus, healing, awakening
Colour of Aura Pale Pink or indigo purple
Guards this day Friday
Element Earth and Air
Relevant chakra third eye
Related to Number 6 and 4
Related to Crystals Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Sugulite, Moonstone, Pink tourmaline, Emerald, Jade
Aromatherapy oils rose, sandalwood, cardimon, yarrow
Herbs Ivy, Sage, birch
Symbols lion, pluto, venus
When to ask Archangel Ariel for help

Whether you are in need of support to continue your life's journey or confidence to stand up for your beliefs Ariel is there. Ariel assists those working with the environment. Call upon Ariel if you are suffering from low energy and with the energy of the sun she will recharge you. She can also help you heal respiratory diseases.

How to ask ?

Ariel dissolve the veil of illusion so that I may know truth
Ariel ignite within me the courage to stand by that truth

Ariel through Air cleanse me and earth sustain me

All the support I need is manifested

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