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"Angels and Guardian Angels invite you simply be "

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The Emerging Me
Beautiful Angel Picture

The End of 2006 - a time and place of delicious origin

There has been a big shift in my perception, I have grown , I have learned I am still wandering

My visionary Art has taken a great hold of me again and almost no day passes where I dont pick up a brush or a pen

An intense calling is trying to manifest itself

I am searching with an open receiver... listening...intuiting.... breathing...

Visonary Art - Spirtual Art - Archetypal Art
I enjoy strong spirit connections with etherical energies, angels and guides. I tend to tune ito the archetypal qualities of the connection and this comes out in my artwork which oftentimes is rather poetic.

My Spirit Art leaves room for a lot of soul searching, I create mandalas, paint movement of etherical energies and am being led to inspirational pieces that will help a person to evolve if they so choose.

I am quite a solitary person and am not "working" (aka as a medium or channeler etc) but tend to be drawn into situations where my art is asked for by spirit and then offered to those that seem to benefit from it .

These are real angel pictures of energy beings that come into my consciousness and express themselves throught the medium of my art

here is a little selection of my latest angel art - Beautiful Angel Pictures

Bright Blessings..

Beautiful Angel Picture

Angel of Anticipation

Beautiful Angel Picture Angel Art

Angel of Sensing

Beautiful Angel Picture Picture of Angel

Angel of Receiving

Pictures of Angels Beautiful Angel Picture

Angel of the First Step

Guardian Angel Picture

Angel of Unconditional Love

Angel pf Love Beautiful Angel Pictures

Angel of Grace

Angel Frame Picture Beautiful Angel Picture

Angel of Strength

Angel Art Real Angel Picture

Angel of Truth

Guardian Angel Picture

Angel of Exploration

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~ Do you connect with your guardian angel ?
~ Have you ever tried an angel meditation to find your guardian angel ?