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Card Angels

Angel Cards offer doorways to a realm of spiritual awareness.
Meditating on them helps you expand your sensitivity to inner resources and uncover a deeper understanding of personal issues. Card Angel encourage an experience of life at a deeper level.

Each playfully illustrated keyword helps you focus on a particular aspect of your inner life. The more you think about the quality reflected by the word and picture on the card, the more you will find this quality echoing in your life.

Angel Cards can be used to support you in many different ways.

How to work with Angel Cards

Look at the angel card !
Note the first thought that springs to mind, the first emotion or intuitive feeling.
You can and ask the angel a question and listen for the answer as it is being impressed upon your mind

Select a weekly or daily Angel to bring inspiration to work,daily activities and relationship Pick an Angel with a friend or relative you would like deeper communication with
Ask the angel cards a questions and discover your own unique connection, your inner voice talking to the Angels

I love this Angel Card Reading my favourite is the mini tarot using the angel oracle.

I am working on a whole range of Angel cards,and Angel Oracle Cards.
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