Celestite Crystal Healing

Celestite Crystal Healing,Celestite the Angel Stone for Spirit Communications

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Celestite Crystal Healing Properties
Celestite crystal is said to be a beautiful angelic connection stone.
It can facilitate communication with all aspects of the celestial realm. Teh Celestite crystal enables the user to attune to their vibratory rate
and raise consciousness to a higher level.

Crystal Healing and Crystal Divination have a long history of being used by shaman, healers, wise women and priestesses for contacting spirit helpers and guardians .From as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria crystals have played an important role in maintaining spiritual connection to source.
Celestite Crystal Properties

Chakra: 3rd eye ,crown, upper realm chakra
Element: Wind

Quote Melody , crystal healing expert and author of " Love is in the Earth "
It can also promote a pleasant disposition and can provide fo fluency in communication. Celestite has "stories to tell". It can provide for access to, and transfer of, information from the purity of the angelic realms. It assists in clairaudient endeavors, affording lucid, distinct, and articulate verbalization of the messages received. It also contains an innate wisdom which is accessible to the user... It is a stone for astral travel... it is a bright hope in days of despair...inhabited by the fairy of good fortune..

Quote Judy Hall , crystal healing expert and author of " Crystal Bible
Celestite crystal stone has a high vibration and is a teacher for the new age. It takes you to the infinite peace of the spiritual and contacts the angelical realms.It jumpstarts spiritual development and urges you towards enlightenment.Placed on the third eye chakra clestite crystal opens coonection tot he universal energies. A large pieve of Celestite crystal placed within a room heightens the vibrations in that room.

Quote Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian

crystal healing expert and authors of
" The Book of Stones

Robert Simmons:
Celestine offers a gentle and uplifting energy which can raise and expand one's awareness into the higher realms.It is one of the most effective healing crystal stones for accessing the angelic realms and can facilitate communication between oneself and one's guardian angel or angelic guides.
Naisha Ahsian:
Celestite crystal is a wonderful gemstone ally that stimulates the spiritual senses and one's connection with the celestial realms and divine guidance. Blue /Grey Celestite crystals frequency aids in connecting with the angelic realms and the source of divine healing.It is aligned with energy and attracts helping or protective spirits.

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Celestite Crystal Healing Properties and Crystal Stones for Connecting with Celestial Realms

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