Cemetery Angels

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Cemetery Angels, A Photo Journal Discovering Guardian Angels and Angel Statues

Cemetery Angels

Etherical, timeless, spiritual beauty, thats how angel cemeteries appear to me.
Beauty that has long enticed mourners of loved ones to place angel statues on graves to watch over and act as a spiritual reminder, a link to the angelical realms, a connection to god, spirit, universal life force, all that is.

To stroll around a peaceful cemetery, in search of guardian spirits, angel statues for me is honoring the angels of death, welcoming the guardian angel spirits and the cemetry angels into my realm.

Enjoy my Cemetry Angels Photo Journal

GERMANY : Ohlsdorfer Engels Friedhof, Hamburg

The Ohlsdorfer Cemetry is lovingly known as the "Angel Cemetry" with over 200 angel staues gracing its grounds. This cemetery is one of the most serene and calming places I have ever visited. Spanning an amazing area it is more like a huge park with several lakes, beautiful little churches,sculptures and little architectural gems scattered throughout. It even has a nature trail discovering a variety of local trees , great for young and old alike.

When you arrive at Hamburg ( nearest undeground station is Ohlsdorf) you simply walk out of the station , across the road and you are right infront of the information centre. Make sure to venture in as you can pick up a leaflet entitled "Angel Walk" taking you on a route of the most well known cemetry angels here.

I arrived here early in the afternoon and spent an amazing 4 hours walking around maybe a quarter of this place. It simply mesmerized me and I had to return the next day for another visit as it is truly the most hauningly beautiful sanctuary.

I let my inner guide take me on a walk, rather then following the cemetry angels map and I was not disappointed. To come across a little hidden angel, somewhere among the angel gravestones that tower majestically, the little cemetry angel and often a perfectly white little cherub held their own by offering their unique simplicity as guidance for the departed soul and to the people who have come to honor its presence.

The Cemetery Angels Presence makes an angel grave special, draws the casual observer in to explore further, to connect with the departed spirit, to imagine a story behind the angel gravestone. Somehow it creates an eternal atmosphere that has its own unique beauty

Cemetry Angels are the guardians of the souls, guiding both : the departed soul and the spirit of the observer.

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