Design Mandala

Design Mandala


Design Mandala, Mandala Art from Angel Mandalas to Mandala Meditations

What does Mandala mean?

A sanscrit word meaning 'circle'

What is a Mandala?

A mandala is a symbol of intergration and transformation.
A tool for healing and bringing oneself into harmony to realise true self.
consists usually of a design within a circle symbolising unity
the design mandala is a part of many cultures and can be created in various styles.

What is an Angel Mandala?

Angels want nothing more than for as to realise our oneness with source.
An angel mandala can assist us in discovering .... An angel mandala uses the concept of the circle while working with angelic vibrations. Each mandala shown on this page can be used to reflect one of the archangels vibrations within yourself. Each will help you recognise truth in their own way.

How to Choose an Angel for Mandala Meditation

You may already have a particular archangel that you are drawn to. If so use the mandala of the assosciated archangel.
If you you are not drawn to the arcahngels use the Angel of Contemplation Mandala to see whether it resonates with you.
It may be the colours that you are drawn to or the virtues of that particular angel that you would like to realise within yourself.
What ever the reason let yourself be intuitively guided to the particular one you need at present.
How to use an Angel Mandala for Healing or Mandala Meditations

Focusing on a mandala sends your vibrations into it.
As the vibrations resonate with the image the mandala reflects back your inner truth.

Mandala Meditation:

To Meditate on the mandala find a quiet and confortable space where you will not be interupted. If you have an altar or quiet sacred space this would be an ideal place. To receive the most from the meditaion it is suggested to set aside at least 15mins where you will be undistrubed

Approach your sacred space and your mandala with the intent to recognise your whole, perfect, complete self.

Sit in a position which is comfortable to hold for a period of time.
Place the angel mandala in a position easily seen and then begin by taking a few deep breath's
Notice your rythm. Move into your heart space letting go of all tension and concerns.

You may like to affirm your intent by voicing:
Archangel _________ guide me as I realise my authentic self

Focus on the design mandala as you feel the presence of the angel you are working with.
Notice thoughts as they come to mind.
Release your thoughts and let them out on you "out breath".

When you feel the mandala meditation is complete thank your archangel for assisting you.



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