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"Counting in pictures 1 2 3 ... solve that riddle ..math with me"

History of Dominos Game -Dominoes Printables
Tile games of some form have been found to have existed from around 1120 AD in China
~ Chinese dominoes are longer than Western ones
~ Chinese Dominoes were originally carved from bone or ivory with the indentations for the number dots made of ebony.
~ Dominoes are descendants of dice.

~ Other than stadard domino games it is also fun to stand the dominoes up in along line and then start of with one domino leaing over to topple the whole line of dominoes - this can be fun if you add some building blocks much like marble run or set of a different action on a marble run after the last domino has fallen

Play Dominos Game

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Domino Addition Worksheets printable
printable games
how to play dominoes game
Dominio Addition Worksheet printable

Printable Dominoes
printable dominoes in black and white Set 1

Printable dominoes set 2

Printable dominoes set 3

Personalized Domino Printables
printable games

Domino Image Generator
~generates dominoes with
a number of symbols including fractions, UK coins, US coins, colours, traditional dots, vowels, digits and shapes. Tiles match the dice and card game pictures.
design and download domino printables

Seasonal Themed Printable Dominoes
how to play dominoes game - printable games
The next steps will allow you to pick a theme for your dominos and then choose color or black and white before allowing you to print a set of dominos.

here you can find dominos to print by theme, choose from
Blue's Clues
Autumn -- numbers practice
Pokemon (original)
Pokemon (new) Spring

Veggie Tales Summer
Summer: Beach
Summer: Sports

Winter Clothes
Animals - mammals
Animals - ocean
Animals - reptiles

Baby Shower / New Baby SEASONS THEMES

Bible Canada Day

Body Parts
Chinese New Year (yr 1 to 6)
Chinese New Year (yr 7 to 12)

Canada Christmas - religious
Christmas - secular

Veggie Tales
Fourth of July

Flowers Halloween

Hawaii Hanukah (Jewish)

Mother's Day


Nutrition Saint Patrick's Day
Saint Patrick's Day -- colors practice

Sports Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day -- colors practice

print your
seasonal printable dominoes

Domino Clipart

domino graphic
click on domino graphic to print in seperate window

domino clip art

click on domino clip art to print in seperate window

Mini Domino Game Pieces to Print
printable games
here you can print and make your own miniature domino game pieces, great for making a travel game of dominos
Also you could try printing it on magnetic paper to make a fridge magnet domino game
For Paper Dominos Fold in half, gluing front to back before dividing into individual pieces by cutting on the gray lines

mino Domino pieces to print


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