Fertility Poetry

Fertility Poetry

"Words can merely utter a hint of direction into experiencing bliss"


~ Fertility Moon is our section on alternative approaches to female fertility as an honoring of the divine feminine energy in both men and women

~ Fertility writings - the joy , the pain, the elation the hop , expressing the emotional range of couples facing ingfertility issues, of successes and continuial trials in the hope of conceiving a child

~ it is amazing to think that when one woman ( or man )reaches out and expresses herself not only does it help her but can reach countless other woman on a day where it was all the help they needed...

~ just to read poetry lines that strike a chord and allow another woman ( or man ) to make it throught the day ..

~ Love is a Universal emotion and the pain it can cause is equally Universal

Fertility Poem Collection

The Birthing Dance

Come to me, My Child
Secret longing of my inner heart
Breath of spirit
Wandering the cosmos
Choosing your next lifepath
Seeking sanctuary in my womb
Visions of you stir my dreams
Your gentle essence drifting inward
Merging into matter
Coming into consciousness
Birthing into being
Your tender wisdom speaks
The ancient knowledge of a mother's power
Our bodies grow together
Two as one
Turning round, in birthing dance
You lead me
Opening the circle corridor
Descending into unhindered ecstasy
Into my arms

author of fertility poetry
Judie C. Rall

fertility poetry ~ infertility poetry

A Fertility Prayer

womb knowing
an arrival is near

along darkness
settling into a nest

womb sadness
shedding violent tears

a prayer
into the nature of being

tentative feelings

swallowed by love

womb knowing
THE arrival is near

author of fertility poerty



fertility poetry ~ infertility poetry


My IVF Twins

Month after month I tried for a child
The hormonal ride was anything but mild
Appointment after appointment
Was met with nothing but disappointment.

Finally we decided to try IVF
For us there was no other step
We gave it all the money we had
And prayed that the ending wouldn't be sad

My injections left a great big bruise
But after waiting and waiting I got good news
In 9 short months I'd be a mom
My lifelong dream had finally come

I had a sono to check the baby
And couldn't have been more elated
We saw a baby with a strong heartbeat
And told our happy news to all we'd meet

We had a scare and thought the baby was gone
But had a scan and saw a heartbeat strong
We tried to relax but were scared to death
That we would never feel our baby's breath

Two days later we saw my doc
He gave us the news and we were in shock
Not only was our baby okay
But we had twins that were on their way

My pregnancy went by really quick
I was lucky and only once got sick
My birth experience was something to savoir
Even though at 32 weeks I had premature labor

Infertility has left me scarred
And IVF was really hard
But now I am the mom of twins
And my face is wearing a constant grin

Author of fertility poetry
Rebecca Liebman

fertility poetry ~ infertility poetry

Waiting for the Moon

My friend called today
tears in her voice
Her period started
and her dreams for a new baby are postponed
yet another month.

I hold my infant to my breast
eager mouth tugging and pulling
little hands patting and stroking.
My eyes well up with tears.

How many days turned to months turned to years
did I kneel and weep
pressing my hands to my empty womb
ocking on my heels

Pleading with cruel fate
"send me a living child?"
My womb wept bright blood tears
as I felt my youth slip away

Moon after moon
cycle after cycle
month after month
year after long year

My grief was indescribable
mourning a child not yet conceived
only wished for, dreamed of, prayed for.

And then later,mourning the children conceived
but lost in pain and blood and tears.
Moon months, cycle songs, lovemaking, babylonging.

These are the things that defined my young womanhood.
eight years of eternal emptiness
years defined by the Moon

By blood
By hope and by tears.


I have not missed those cycles
the moon rising within
the blood that defined my loss and failure.
My life has now become an hourly measure

And rather than by a lunar month
I am defined by nursing
by a small demanding mouth
by the fullness of my breast
by rich sweet milk that drips from me
and flows life and love to my child.

I will not (cannot) forget, though,
the years my womb wept blood tears,
the months the shards
of grief began as my period started...

Lactating now, my body moves to another vision
another Time.

The moon tides no longer control me
I am bound to the Earth, to the small body
of another, to a warm mouth in the night that nuzzles
and seeks and heals my tattered soul
and pieces my heart together.

Pergonal and modern medicine gave me a child,
but the child at my breast
Healed my infertility.


author of this fertility poetry Kathryn Miller Ridiman
For Tabitha


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~ I hope Fertility Moon will become a place where womanhood can be celebrated, fertility explored by honoring ancient traditions whilst celebrating a modern approach to Being a Woman - beautiful just as you are

~ Alternative Fertility Awareness

~ Going full circle in Celebrating Womanhood
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