Figurine Angels


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Figurine Angels

The Angel Figurine has long been a symbol of angelic presence, a reminder that we are not alone, that we can ask for help and enjoy exploring the angelical realms.

Angel and Guardian Angel Figurines make unique gifts to ourselves and to a friend who may be opened up to the inner personal message each angel has to tell

Here is a selection of my favourite angel figurines, enjoy taking a look.
Lila* Star

The Sheer simplicity of Demdaco Willow Tree Angels is a joy to behold. Handcarved by Susan Lordi the represent and eternal beauty leaving each person open for their own interpretations of the willow angels, their emotions, messages and guidance

The promise of a new beginning is captured in this most unique of angels.
Welcoming Spring Angel is a beautiful angel of New Beginning, she has intricately shaped wings and holds a bunny, an angel symbol of spring and renewal. Lovingly made from alabastrite combined with metal accents, she offers a reminder to embrace the joys of life's "spring" renewals

Seraphim Classics - Personalized Figurine

Seraphim Angels are well - known to a lot of angel collectors. the seraphim classics has also intorduced this lovely personalized angel figurine

You can add your own name, or the name of the recipient of your angel gift, or the name you feel this angel is called by - a unique way to express angel love. This wonderful hand-painted angel creation is truly beautiful angel art.

These little angels precious moments are really special to give to a child or equally someone who likes cute angels.

Precious Moments Grandma's Little Angel comes handpainted with any name you choose, a loving personalise angelic momento welcoming a new baby, treating a special little girls or boy ( the come as boy angels as well). These baby angels are beautifully crafted from porcelain bisque with those famous "teardrop" eyes.

The Demdaco willow tree angels are my personal favourites, especially the guardian angel ornaments. I have create an extra page just featuring the willow angels to enjoy their sheer beauty

Demdaco Willow Tree Angels Figurine Angels