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Alison Day Tarot Reading
Opportunity for a Alison Day Free Tarot Reading
"I believe Tarot is an ancient form of counselling rather than fortune telling. For me a reading captures the essence of the moment as experienced by the client, picking up on influences or lessons from their past and showing possibilities for the future"
Alison Day @ Lotus Tarot
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Free Tarot Readings by Alison Day ~ Introduction Lotus Tarot

I am thrilled and exited to be able to link up with Lotus Tarot Card Reading, probably the best Tarot Reading site on the internet today. Alison Day is a professional Tarot Card Reader with many years of experience and through meditation Alison's ability to access the guiding voice of her intuition has developed into the strong channel she is today.

When you visit Alison Day's site at lotus tarot, you will be able to access free online readings and lots of other tarot related information, but dont forget to check out the free learn tarot course as it will help you develop your own relationship with the tarot cards. Lots of Tarot decks are Angel oracle cards or even Angel themed tarot cards than can provide you with daily guidance and inspiration

On Alison Days Web site you can also find an active discussion forum,articles and tips for card interpretations, great help if you are starting out with your card learn read tarot journey.

You can even get a free tarot reading , you will need to register your email address with the site, which takes about 30 seconds and is more than worth the effort ( and is perfectly safe (no spam!) takes about 30 seconds and is more than worth the effort.
- Alison's readings are both accurate and upbeat and her spirit shines through

Alison Day free tarot readings for free at lotus tarot can offer a good starting point for inner soul exploration and is a great tool for self transformation

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