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Free Angel Tarot Reading with Alison Day

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Free Angel Colorin gPage with Poinsttia
Poinsettia Angel Coloring Page Collection
Free Angel Coloring Page The Holly and the Ivy
The Holly and the Ivy Angel Coloring Page Collection
Christmas Angel Coloring Pages Winter Holly
Winter Blessings Angel Coloring Page Collection

Free Angel Readings


Free Angel Readings, Ask Angel Oracle and Let Spirit Discover Your Angel Card

Free Angel Readings

Free Angel Card Readings
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How to Ask the Angel Oracle for Guidance

~ Hold in your heart your intention and be open to receiving whatever messages your angels bring forth at this moment in time

~ Trust your inner knowing to interpret the message and relate it to your own life.

~ Close your eyes, breathe deeply into your belly, then open your eyes and let your mouse find the card that angelic whispers guide you toward.

~ Click on your chosen card and hold your attention ,keep hold of the first thought that comes to your mind once you read the angel card description.

~ For the first thought is the truest before your left brain can suggest otherwise.

The Angel Oracle
Ask the Angel Oracle
Ask the Angel Oracle
Ask the Angel Oracle
Ask the Angel Oracle
Ask The Angel Oracle
Ask The Angel Oracle
Ask the Angel Oracle
Ask The Angel Oracle
Ask The Angel Oracle
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For Professional Angel Oracle Card Readings try the MoonCats Positive Angel Card Readings My favourite is the Mini Tarot Reading - 3 Tarot Cards with your choice of Oracle Guidance ( you can choose guidance from the Angel Oracle, Oracle of the Goddess or Medicine Cards (Native Animal Totems). I am going to try the Gemstone Oracle next.

To trust, to let angels guide you to exactly where you need to be right now,is a truly freeing embrace of your own spirituality.

Angelic Guidance is subtle and requires you to know and acknowledge the presence of angels in your life. You need to ask in order to recieve, once asked, you need to hone your sense, your listening skills, you ability to "see" with more than just your eyes.

Recommended Professional Angel Readings

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