Free Spiritual Poem Collection by Lila*

Free Spiritual Poem Collection, Mystical Poetry and Spiritual Prose by Lila*

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Spiritual Poem Collection by Lila*
  Spiritual Poetry ~ Mystical Poetry ~ Poetry from the heart

Expressions of heartfelt emotions that are originating in moments of creative outbursts have been part of my path
for a long time.

Often I dont take the time to write them down only to feel later like I have lost something really special that marks the passage of my journey.

The Angelic guidance I receive has often expressed itself onto paper in form of answers to my enquiries and prayers.

I would like to share here poetry from the heart, my heart as it makes itself known on the page throught the written word, even though what I feel can never be contained wihtin the limits of the alphabet

To edge the boundaries of this limitation is a joy that comes from deep within and equally is a frustration that cannot be conquered . Communication between humans depends on the use of words, it is interesting to ponder where and when and how humanity will learn to no longer need words but to "read " each others emotions in pure synchronicity. Enjoy exploring...

Mystical Poem


Breathe deeply

for the ocean of life is eager for your participation

start to sink into the unknown depths

of the folds of your heart


Swim quickly

for the shores of experience await your arrival

start to bathe in the beauty

of self made creations

Rest soundly

for the journey called life is never ending

start to be aware of the moment

as it presents itself NOW

Author of this spiritual poetry ~ Lila Star

Poetry from the heart by Lila Star


Slices of myself
find expression
in the rumble
of everyday noise

At times
To breathe
another breath
takes effort

of unknown proportions

to gather myself
is a commodity
that simply
does not exist
in any realm

that movements
of this universe
are expressed
in the tiniest
particle of a cell
deep within my body
meandering on its path

always Here always Now

Author of this mystical poem ~ Lila Star

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