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"Angelic Perception lies entirely in the inner eye of the beholder ."

The concept of a guardian angel is found in many spiritual traditions and in varying interpretations.
~ For me to connect with a guardian angel is to connect with an energy pattern that presents itself to me like a guiding force, an energy that can be counted on to be present when I am in need.
~ To me this energy is a guardian angel, a moving energy that enfolds me in varying ways depending on my needs.
~ As I am visual I receive inner visions of huge angel wings at times that enfold me and I am totally enclosed and protected , in a sacred space
~ At other times I perceive motion, that seems to hover in a certain area everpresent when I need to call upon my Angel" for guidance and protection"

~I am a very visual person and often receive communications, in symbolic form accompanied by words. I have asked to see my angels, especially my guardian angels and at present I have encountered 4 different ones

Here are some of my 3 of my 4 guardian angels

Angel Pictures by Lila* Star - This is what I see
Click on guardian angel drawing to enlarge

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Guardian Angel Drawings by Lila* Star
Guardian Angel Drawing
Guardian Angel Drawings

Guradian Angel Drawing Guardian Angel Illustration
My picture guardian angel
My guardian angel drawing of
"Amanda with the brown twirling hair"
My guardian angel drawing of

Syrinthia has been with me for a long time and I consider her one of my main guardian angels

There are no verbal communications received from her , I simply powerful energetic boost when I am in need of some centering

Amanda is my guardian angel that seems to turn up on occassions. She is quite flitty and I often dont see her for month. I am not quite sure yet when this guardian angel turns up .. her energy is quite whizzy Oh Seraph, this guardian angel picture is not quite like how I would wnat it to look like, I am having difficulty getting the angel wings to look like I preceive them with my inner eye. This guardian angel represents wisdon and enourmous strength to me


I have asked to see the guardian angels of friends when they needed healing or protection and often I receive quite vivid visual angel images accompanied by suggestions for crystals, herbs and healing methods
Here are some of my favourites
Click on guardian angel picture to enlarge

Guardian Angel Picture

Guardian Angel drawing
Guardian Angel Drawings
Guardian Angel
of a Truck driver
male friend
Guardian Angel "Lightsnake"
Angel of a female friend
Guardian Angel "Lightsnake"
Front view
this angel likes to ride on the left front wheel of my friends lorry , protecting him
this guardian angel likes to move like a bright, light snake, stretching her wings and fly against the wind
this angel likes to hover in the left corner of my friends lounge , watching over her and her family


Lately I have also preceived general angel energies, some of the universal guardian angel energies that are more of an archetypal nature.

I will try and post some pictures of my angel paintings here soon


Angel Images


Guardian Angel Photos by Lila* Star

I did not set out to photograph angels, but one night we were giggling about in the garden and took some snapshots with a digital camera when strange circles and mist appeared on the photos areound KC . Yet there was no mist, no smoke, nothing in the cameras way. Later I learned about Angel Orbs and Ecto mist forming if angels or spirits are present

Here some of my favourites: click angel images to enlarge

KC told me later that day that she had ask to see her guardian angel in a meditation about an hour before these photos were taken
Angel Photo Angel Orb and Angel Ecto Mist
Guardian Angel Photo Angel Orbs
Guardian Angel Photo angel Orbs
Angel Ecto Mist and Angel Orbs
Large Angel Orb
A see-through large and several smaller angel orbs
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