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Guardian Angel Pictures


Guardian Angel Pictures,What is a Guardian Angel, Angel Communication,Angel Art

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Definition Guardian Angel
all people as well as nations, cities and indeed our planet have a special angel who stays is watching over their lives
A Guardian Angel remains with one throughout life, most people have more than one
They cannot influence one's will, but they do guide us through our senses
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Guardian Angel Pictures

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angel Pictures - what I have learned

What are Guardian Angels?

It is an androggynous being which is pure spirit
A Guardian Angel wants to help and look after you but under spiritual law guardian angels cannot do so unless asked.
It offers unconditional love without any judging
intermediaries between you and Source, All that is, God, your Deity

What does a Guardian Angel do ?

offer assistance and help at solving issues
keep an eye out and look after your best interest on your choosen path

When does a Guardian Angel offer help?

when you cry out for help from the depth of your heart
if it is not your time to die or be injured in a way that is difficult to take for your souls
when your path is not finished yet
they will help when asked

How does a Guardian Angel Communicate?

by popping thoughts into your head
by answering questions in your mind, you ask then listen to the first words that spring to your mind and try and capture them
angels use synchronicity and coincidences as signals
they often send symbolic messages in dreams whilst you sleep
feathers are left as a sign of angel presence
by touch, feeling hands placed upon you, sensations of movement on your skin even though nobody appears to be there
smell, the waft of a perfume, a fraquance from an unidentified source,
intense smell flowers
guardian angel pictures and names being impressed upon your mind
feelings, a sudden sense of peaceful love and brightness, a sense of being enfolded, safely in a cocoon or wings
sound, hearing most beautiful chords of music, yet no indentifuable source, choirs of angels communicating on musical frequencies
if angels cannot communicate directly they will pass the information you need to know in your environment, a passage in a book, a song that does not leave your head, a program on the tv, radio, an overheard conversation

What do Guardian Angels look like?

Guardian Angel Pictures vary greatly as they appear different to different people
often seen as bright shiny beings that appear to float
winged beings that glide effortlessly and spread a sense of all-encompassing love
others just experience different sensations, some smell, some touch , some hear, some see
guardian angel pictures often look to the human eye different, angels have to lower their vibrations to be viewable to the human species, intens vibrations of light, with filigrane fibres extending themselves into all directions often likened to wings
emminating intense light, especially around the head area often referred to as halos

Are Guardian Angels Real?

in my opinion as real as anything else that represents an energyform, as all life on this earth
different people expereince theor presence in exactly the manner that they would be able to comprehend at any given time
different names, different appearances are a result of different perceptions

Guardian Angel Pictures

Guardian Angel Pictures, Guardian Angel Photos, Guardian Angel drawings


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