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Guardian Angel Story

I had the most amazing experience today.
I felt my mum was in need of some angelic help, as she had opened herself up to the angels once before, yet had on several occasions afterward attempted to connect but not really succeeded.
So I went to bed and upon closing my eyes around 1.30 am I ask my guardian angel for help.
I asked whether he could deliver a message to my mums guardian angel asking for assistance in enabling her again to see, to learn and to grow within angelic presence.

Today I got a phonecall from my mum , saying guess what happened.
I started to listen and she told me she had been unable to get to sleep last night, tossing and stirring until she finally got up around 1.45 am, and settled to rest in front of the telly.
She flicked around the channels until her eye fell upon the title of one program " Angel Night" and low and behold the station had a 5 hour nightly special of programs relating to angelic encounters, angel presence in everyday life and general discussions on guardian angels.
She sat mesmerized and finally went to bed at 4.50 am with a smile upon her face.

In the mid morning she got up and settled herself after breakfast with her Angel Cards ( a present from me) , some francincense incense and started to open herself up.
She received an answer to one of her questions and generally spent an hour in absolute illuminated bliss. My Dad saw her an hour later, and enquired whether she had a spare candle so he could light one in his den and also "do a bit of that meditation stuff" ( My dad has never asked for a candle in 55 years)

She again felt a true deep connection, gave him a candle and then started writing everything down in a little diary.

In the afternoon she phoned me exclaiming: "I know this will not leave me again."

Wow, I feel honored and I thank my guardian angel for listening intently and working for me and my mum at angel gatherings .
guardian angel story

Guardian Angel Story
submitted by Lila*

Your Guardian Angel Story

Guardian Angel Story

I was due to visit a friend with my children the next day when my mum phoned and told me that it was forecast strong winds and that it would be a bad idea to go due to falling trees. I listened to my heart and just knew that nothing was going to harm us so told my mum that I would still be making the journey, much to my mum's dismay.

On the day of the visit, I got a message from my friend saying that her husband had just made the journey I was going to make and that the roads were flooded and it probably wasn't a good idea to make the journey. I listened to my heart again, and still didn't feel that any harm would come, but decided to ask my dad his opinion, knowing that he would discourage me. To my surprise, he said the journey should be fine, just drive slowly and if I get into any trouble, call him and he'll come in his car and get us.

I decided to check on the internet if there was an alternate route and thought maybe I should go a different route, but the pull of the usual journey was stronger. As we set off there were lots of cars making the journey, so it was easy to see which flooded areas were the deepest and was able to avoid them and so made it safely to my friends house.

Yet more warnings came my way, and it turned out that the alternate route I nearly took was far more flooded that the route I took. Anyway, I decided that I best set off home before it got too dark. I also thought about pulling over and waiting for a car to get in front of me but thought I was being silly so just carried on. With just my car on the road, I was still nervous and wished I had someone to follow to avoid any danger.

I have no recollection of where the Silver 4x4 car came from, but there it was right in front of me, guiding me through the deep bits. Then I noticed the letters on it's licence plate V ??? FAD, and I immediately said to myself "Follow to Avoid Danger" which is exactly what I was hoping for. And then I wondered if perhaps the V were angel wings.

This car/angel stopped with me all the way back to the end of my street.

The most warming thing is, I was browsing this Angel Guide website here the day before the journey and it got me thinking about Angels and how it is sometimes hard to know when they are around you guiding you, and so I asked if they would show their presence. I think my story speaks for itself.

However, when I got back to my computer, and had another look at this Angel site, I came across this saying
"Don't drive faster than your Guardian Angel can fly"

which filled me with awe :o)

And another little synchronicity, my dad, who said call him if I need him, drives a Silver 4x4 - is this yet another sign for us to trust in higher guidance?

I feel so :o)

guardian angel story

Guardian Angel Story
submitted by Lindsey - England

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