Infertility Prayer

Infertility Prayer

"My heart is wide open .. please here my prayer ."


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~ Here is a collection of beautiful prayers for infertility and help with conception of a baby

~ This list is non-dominational, in my personal view all kinds of prayers are aimed at the same source albeit at times by a different name

~ Let us joyfully look at each others differences and celebrate the inspiration we women can give each other regardless of faith

Infertility Prayers from around the world


Infertility Prayer

Good St. Gerard,
powerful intercessor before the throne of God,
wonder-worker of our day,
we call upon you and seek your aid.
You know that this marriage has not as yet
been blessed with a child and how much
[husband’s name] and [wife’s name] desire this gift.
Please present these fervent pleas to the Creator of life
from whom all parenthood proceeds
and beseech Him to bless this couple
with a child whom they may raise
as His child and heir of heaven.

Source of this infertility prayer
:Santa Teresita Hospital

Fertility Prayer
Prayers for pregnancy


This couple wants a baby
that can only come to them
if by your will and your will alone.

No matter what you decide in their life,
what you choose to do
is what is best for them,
and is accepted as your will completely.

So if it is your will
to bless this couple with a baby,
may your perfect will be done,
in the most precious name of Jesus,


author of Fertility Prayer

Jewish Fertility Prayer

Hannah's Prayer from Berakhot 31b

Master of the Universe, Have you created anything in vain?
Our eyes you made for seeing and our ears for hearing, our
mouths for speaking, our noses for smelling, our hands for
And our breasts.
Did you not also create our breasts to suckle a babe?
Grant me a child, O Lord, that he may be nourished from me.
O Lord, you reign over all the hosts, the angels above and
the mortals below. The angels above do not propagate.
They do not multiply.
They do not die.
Mortals below are fruitful,
And multiply,
And die.
If I am an angel,
then let me live forever.
but if I am mortal,
Then grant me a child
So I can do my part
In perpetuating humankind.

author of this prayer for pregnancy
By Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin

Egyptian Infertility Prayer
prayer for pregnancy

Oh, Isis mother goddess of everything and all,
mother To Horace, please hear my plea
I am but an unworthy servant, beseeching you to grant me one thing

My womb is barren, I ask you with your hand of fertility, to please find it within your heart to touch me
Do me thing one thing and so much happiness into my life you would bring.

My trustful husband, regardless of no child, he stands right beside me
I know I am not worthy, of what happiness you could bring to me
But I have always tried to be your faithful servant, I beg of you, please hear my plea

I shall always be loyal,
I hope you don't think I'm selfish, but a child would make me happy and full of glee.
I bow before you in humbleness, grace, and humility

But, Isis, oh Isis, I know you are just, to even listen to what I have to say
Regardless, oh goddess, by your side I shall always be
I know if you hear me,
I can depend on you just as I do Rah, riding his chariot to bring us each a blessed new day.

I am only a lowly servant in the palace of your messenger, Pharaoh
But a child, an unexpected gift for my husband, to him what a smile that would bring
I try to obey all laws, always trying to make sure the seeds of goodness I sow
A babe to hold next to my bosom, oh how my heart would sing.

My time of bearing years, well now they have almost gone away
That is why my prayer to you now is most urgent
My husband and I have been together many years, but my womb remains barren, in this I have no say
So I humble myself to you in hopes to us a babe will be sent,

Oh goddess of mother earth, you yourself are a mother
You will understand how important it is to have a child of your own
You should understand my plight and I above all others
Oh goddess, I know you always protect me, knowing this, I know I am never alone.

Fertility Prayer by
Lanaia Oh

Infertility Prayer
Prayer for pregnancy

Dear Lord,
the pain of infertility is so deep.
All of our lives,
we dream of being mothers,
of raising children with loving hearts
to do your will on this earth.

Month after month
when that dream does not come true,
it so painful, Lord.
We feel like our dreams
die each month with empty arms.

Please guide us to trust in your plan for us.
We desperately need you in our lives.
Thank you for all the blessings we do have,
knowing through you all things are possible.


Author of infertility prayer
Beliefnet member juls0621
Beliefnet prayer circle

Infertility Prayer

Almighty God, I have need of patience so that after I done your will, I will be able to receive the blessing of your promise.

Help me to develop a more patient attitude at all times, and to be an imitator of those who through patience, inherit the promises of your word.

Teach me how to wait patiently on you, father, because I know that your timing is perfect. I believe that which you have promised to me will surely come to pass. Lord I believe you will settle me in my own home as a happy mother of children.

I will patiently await the fulfilment of your promises, father, for you watch over your word to bring it to pass. I rejoice that your word will never return unto you void, it will accomplish the purposes for which you send it.

Help me never to grow weary in well doing, because I know in due season I will surely reap. Thank you, father. I love you so much, because you are so good.

Show me how to be patient toward all others. I want to be a woman who is gentle, apt to teach and patient.

Thank you for hearing my prayer, father, and for the ministry of your Holy Spirit who is working in me and enabling me to bear the fruit of patience in my life.

Thank you for all the promises of your word father. Your word gives me the faith and confidence to hold onto the certainty that your promise will surely be fulfilled. Your word is always true and your faithfulness is unto all generations.

Strengthen me to never grow weary in well-doing for I know I will reap in due season if I wait for your perfect will to be accomplished. I will let patience have its perfect work in my life.

After my waiting upon your word I will be perfect and complete, lacking nothing. These things I pray, father in the wonderful name of Jesus my Lord.


author of this infertility prayer

Infertility Prayer to St. Gerard for Motherhood

Saint of Fertility

O glorious Saint Gerard,
powerful intercessor before God,
and wonder worker of our day,
I call upon you and seek your help.

You who always fulfilled God's will on earth,
help me to do God's holy will.
Intercede with the Giver of life,
from whom all parenthood proceeds,
that I may conceive and raise children
who will please God in this life,
and be heirs to the kingdom of heaven.

Source of Infertility Prayer to
Saint of Infertility : CatholicMom

St. David's Infertility Prayer

Thank you, Lord
for all the blessings in my life.
Help me to remember them
as I face the challenges of infertility.
I pray that I can surrender myself into your hands.
Let me accept the reality of this situation
and have the wisdom and courage to take action where I can.
Strengthen my body, mind and spirit
to endure the trials of infertility.
Keep me ever mindful of the needs of others
and grant us your peace.


Source of infertility prayer
Hannah's Prayer Ministries

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~ I hope Fertility Moon will become a place where womanhood can be celebrated, fertility explored by honoring ancient traditions whilst celebrating a modern approach to Being a Woman - beautiful just as you are

~ Going full circle in Celebrating Womanhood
From Conception to Birth - to Puberty to Menstruation to Child Birth to Crone Wisdom

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