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So who is Karen Bishop

Karen is an intuitive who connects with the current vibrational energies tha accompany the shift of our planet earth , Gaia s , vibrations . Documenting her awareness as she embodies the energetic fluctuations and writing her experiences in regular energy alerts on her dedicated website whats up on planet earth.com

With an educational background in psychology, counseling, and law, Karen also has certificates in Career Consulting along with various other trainings in the metaphyscial arena

In an experpt from her Whats up on the Planet website she writes

"In 2000, she began an intense, accelerated and vivid ascension process of her own, which inspired her to create the What’s Up On Planet Earth? website containing information about ascension and the higher realms. As a regular life-long traveler to the higher realms, and now with personal living experience through her own evolutionary process of ascension, Karen finds great joy and total alignment through bringing her readers the latest information of our human and planetary ascension process along with information about life in the higher realms.

So whats up on Planet Earth

Karen Bishop Background information expert from her website
Staying in Alignment Book Life in the Higher Realm Series Two

"As a facilitator, counselor and teacher, she has worked with county agencies, non-profit agencies, Native American tribes, public school systems and various individuals. Her working background also includes experience as a grant writer, non-profit consultant, and newspaper columnist. Finding one's own true purpose, gifts, and talents, and personal empowerment have been the focus of all her endeavors.

Throughout her career, Karen has used her life-long abilities in telepathy, clairvoyance and clairsentience to assist her in her work. (Because of her success rate with severely disabled youth, a county office of education once asked her if she was using telepathy!) In 1997 she began using her gifts of accessing the dimensional levels along with her clairvoyance and finally began giving readings. In 1998 she completed psychic training at Edgar Cayce's ARE in Virginia Beach. As an energy reader, Karen's experience includes inter-dimensional travel and communication, entity releasement, soul retrieval, assisting trapped spirits in finding the light, communication with those who have crossed over, communication with guides and angels and soul readings.

earn more about whats up on planet earth, read her staying in alignment book Life in the higher realms or connect to her personal accounts in her energy alerts at the whats up on planet earth website

Karen Bishop enjoys time sewing, painting, weaving, spinning, spending time in nature, communicating with and experiencing the higher realms, and working on her mini book series Life In The Higher Realms.

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Author of
Staying in Alignment Book Life in the Higher Realm Series Two