My Guardian Angel - 2004 Car Accident - True Guardian Angel Stories

by Katie Baker
(Colleyville, TX, USA)

My Guardian Angel - 2004 Car Accident - True Guardian Angel Stories

My Guardian Angel - 2004 Car Accident - True Guardian Angel Stories

My Guardian Angel - 2004 Car Accident - True Guardian Angel Stories

Submitted by Katie Baker
from Colleyville, TX, USA

True Angel Story
I remember leaving work at the Greater St. Petersburg Area Chamber of Commerce, where I was the assistant to the President, Russ Sloan, just after 5:00 that Friday afternoon. For over a year I had been making the trip from St. Pete to Georgia every other weekend so I could be with my husband, Jake, who was working on a construction project there.

I remember I could feel a headache starting up and so I took some Aleve. By the time I reached Gainesville, Florida, my head hurt so badly I could barely see. Remembering what my Mamaw Hutton had told me, I thought it might be a problem with my sugar levels, so I got off Interstate 75 at the Cracker Barrel exit, went inside the restaurant to use the facilities, and then bought a candy bar and a coke. This is the last thing I remember until I woke up, but only slightly, in an ambulance.

Apparently, I ran a red light as I was at the intersection to the entrance of the interstate and was ?T-boned? by a car that was heading through the intersection. No one in the other car was hurt, thank the good Lord. I'm not sure if I was knocked out by the collision or if I passed out from the stroke.

Jake was trying to reach me on my cell phone just about that same time as the accident occurred. He told me that a man answered my phone and told him everything that had happened and gave him an update on everything that was happening with me at that time. You can imagine that Jake was very upset and so this man stayed on the phone with him the entire time up until they took me to the hospital in the ambulance.

After we returned to our home in Georgia we wanted to thank the man who had helped us. When we read the police reports we didn?t notice a man being a witness. We called the people who were in the other vehicle, a mother and her daughter, who apparently were with me the entire time as well. We talked to the ambulance crew ? no one saw any man at all on my cell phone! They said the cell phone was found on the floor of the car and was put into my purse which was sent along with me to the hospital!. The only explanation anyone could come up with is that God sent an angel to give Jake comfort during this time because He knew that Jake didn?t have any way that he could be with me for at least another 6-7 hours!

To this day we thank God for caring so much for us that He sent an angel to help protect me and to give Jake comfort!

My Guardian Angel - 2004 Car Accident - True Guardian Angel Stories

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Apr 16, 2012
Thank you NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for sharing that wonderful story about your guardian ange., Which I really do believe in , it just puts a warm feeling through out my body( that good feeling ) I really don't know exactly what to say except thanks for sharing.

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