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How to Convert an Accountant Sceptic:

~ Be persistent
~ Prove your point
~ Be accountable and have your spreadsheet ready for inspection

My husband is an accountant, with his own successful firm and when I suggested trying this new company called SiteSell that had been recommended he put on his usual sceptical smile and said" Why not, see what you can do with it", thinking to himself that it would never work.

What am I going to achieve with an investment of £200 when his big corporation clients are spending thousands of pounds and dollars for their state of the art websites.

Well I was determined to prove him wrong and I did :

Currently ( January 2005 ) www.angel-guide.com is in the top 1% of all websites, and that is after 3.5months
I have subsequently created my second, and third website and enjoying myself immensly

Would you love to be able to have a little website that actually attracts traffic rather than stay out in nowhereland?

This is where I started, with an idea but also with a lot of passion to make it work and not just sink into the millions of websites out there that nobody actually ever finds. office angels

But i am not a technically minded person, in fact quite challenged even by programming the video recorder at times :-) , yet I was determined to find an answer.

I am naturally quite good at research and enjoy comparing, extracting the necessary and valuable from the huge pile of information on offer and emerging with a concept.

Have You got a Website Already?
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office angels

Even professional Webmasters are catching on right now and realising the huge potential that SiteSell for Webmasters offers. Webmasters are discovering that they can now do more than build a site, create more than a work of art. They can drive their clients to success, cost-and-time efficiently, converting "satisfied clients" into "raving fans."

Who Uses Solo Build It

Have a look at the amazing array of sitesell casestudies, all kinds of men and women who share one thing in common, they are passionate about a subject and would love to share their knowledge with the world. Each one different, each one unique, but with more a huge number of sitesellers now topping the 1% of website traffic you simply have to be amazed.

Check out 17 year old daughter Nori ,who manages a simple little website yet generates quite a sizeabale income each month - simple by talking about their favourite holiday destination

Case Studies Sitesell

For bigger companies it pays to have a little SiteSell Feeder site, a site about accountancy, or law, or marathons, or whatever your business maybe, with links feeding through to your main Corporate website. Create your own traffic and supplement your corporate sites to actually gain the traffic it deserves.

It works for selling hardgoods, creating your own ebay /aution store selling postage stamps to collectors, promoting other peoples and affiliates products and selling your own ideas as e-books, e-courses etc.

But if you are like me, and and have a wealth of knowledge about a topic your are passionate about ( angels and spirituality for me) then you can share your information, become an Infopreneur, turn your knowledge into a website that shares what you know and other people are interested in finding out about.

If you have a local business that could benefit from webpresence that actually attracts further traffic SiteSell actually works. I had a website for my artstore for 6years and I got more traffic with the Angel Guide Site in 5 months then I got in 6 years on my artsite

My Accountant A Sceptic No More
I think I have proven my point, with facts, with figures and my husband no longer doubts. After all he likes numbers and percentages !!!

Guess what :-) he has asked me for Warley and Warley's own little Solo Build It Feeder site, now that's what I call a compliment

Lila* Star
 Free Resources I used whilst building my Site
Google's AdSense

This is simply a must , and my husband cant believe how much money it is generating. Targeted ads are placed by google onto your site,(after you added a small code) relating to your sites keywords. You dont have to do anything to update, manage it or anything - just check your stats each morning to see how much you have earned.
The ads are relevant to your topic , increase the value of your site and earn you money for each click that a visitor to your site makes.
A Tailor-Made Way To Monetize Your Site, convert your traffic into easy money
Google Adsense

SiteSell Value Exchange

This is what I use for increasing traffic to my site, the main idea with link exchanges is to link with
"on topic" sites so that they are more relevant when it comes to google spidering your site and linking you in.
You list keywords for your site ( ie tarot, tarot reading, tarot cards,
psychic, self -help, spirituality, divination , work at home, work from home, moms work at home etc) and whatever else you feel is relevant
Then people's websites with matching keywords are matched to yours and you
can exchange links if you feel the site is suitable. It has worked well for me
( it's a free program exchange to use)


Search It!

Search It! Wow I sometimes wonder what I ever have done without it. It is the only ecommerce-related search tool that you will ever need.Keep this open in the upper corner of your monitor, for 24 x 7 access and instant info-mining of the Web.

~ every search you could ever want, all in one spot( it opens up a little window on your desktop with powerful searches -before that I did not even know that you can minimise your time spent on google, or msn searchig through endless irrelevant stuff just by putting your seach querie into Quotes- ie try searchng for " angel scripts" instead of angel scripts without quotes- gets you to your relevant result much faster eliminating sites that have angels in one place and scripts in another but not relating to each other)

~ advanced searches pre-packaged easy to use, time saving and actually giving amazingly insightful results about website competions, content ideas and brainstorming keywords related to your topic

my most popular Search Categories are .
Keyword Brainstorming (substantial lead) ( when you want to know what people are actually searching for ie " office angels" , "office angel personnel" , recruitment office angels" or " temp typist office angels") which exact word are they typing into google find a specific item)
Keyword Research ( brainstorm words you never thought of related to your topic- thinking outside the box
ie you are researching " office angels" - so who actually looks for it under what terms ie office angels, recruitment agencie, temporary staff, accountant personnel- - things you might never have thought of.)
Keyword Competition ( see what keywords people with similar sites are using)
Reference Library For Content ( search online librarys for content ideas for your site)

Try it for yourself - its free too


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