Pattern Angel Wings

Pattern Angel Wings

"Breathe Deeply, Trust and Fly away on Angel Wings "

~Template Angel Wings Angel Wings to download
Pattern Angel Wings, Free Downloadable Angel Wings Template and Project Ideas suitable for christmas angel crafts too
~Here you find my selection of original Angel Wings Patterns.
The angel wing templates can be reduced in size or enlarged depending on your requirments. They are suitable for a wide range of angel crafts and a sample angel collage is found below.

~2 Angel Wings Template books are downloadable in .pdf format.
You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view the books which is freely downloadable at the

Each book contains 4 different angel wings styles in 5 different wings sizes to suit a variety of angel art and angel craft applications.

If you scroll down you will find a selection of Angel Wings Craft ideas.

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Easy Angel Wings Collage
- to create a craft angel wings collage you need to find a suitable design of a person in a magazine or newspaper
- cut it out using a pair of sharp scissors
- For difficult to cut pieces like the space between the arms of this dancer use a craftknife or scalpel with a cutting mat underneath, this way you can create some very delicate cutting effects
- print out the angel wings template and if necessary adjust the size depending on the figure proportions that you have cut out
- the download craft angel wings template has several sizes of wings to choose from, or you can photocopy to the desired size
- lay the cut out figure onto a plain piece of paer so you can arrange your angel wing pattern
- you can either print the angel wings template onto white card or paper and then decorate or leave blank, or print the angel wings onto already coloured paper for a different effect

- the final craft angel wings is a beautiful arrangement of grace
there are several pattern angel wings to choose from in the free angel pattern download
- if you have access to a paint program such as Paint-Shop Pro or Painter 8 or Photoshop then you can scan you image in or take a digital photo to alter it afterwards
-Here coloured foil effects have been added for a mysterious angel look
- here the angel image has been pastellised for a beautiful etherical look
- this is be brilliant as an angel wallpaper for your desktop

- all kinds of figures can be cut out and combined with the template angels wings to create unique looks every time
- the free angel pattern wings templates are downloadable here
- they contain 8 different styles of angel wings templates
Pattern Angel Wings Templates can also be enlarged to create lifesize angel wings from cardboard, felt, papermache or fabric.
Simply put the existing angel wings pattern into a photocopier and enlarge to the desired size
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Pattern Angel Wings Book ONE 4 Angel Wings Patterns

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