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Poems Guardian Angels

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NEW Guardian Angels Poems February 2005

Soft warm wings
embrace of my heart
my deepest sorrows
be still
my love
we are one

Idunna Elemiah

By night
security of wings
enfolds around my dreams
giving me guidance
for the day to come

By day
of nightly embraces
assures my every step

no need for questioning
the belief, the trust , the knowing
carries me wherever I need to go

Lila* Star

guardian angel..

my dear guardian angel,
I feel you are around me...
and when times need it,
you will do

what you have to do...
I wish to... once...
give you a hug,

a touch.. to thank you,
for what you already

have done for me...
I wish to... once...
receive a sign from you...
to hear a whispering saying, 'I'm here for you,

and always be, don't worry'...


Guardian Angel My Favorite Friend!
I look to you from morning until daylight end!
From the heavens I call on you
To Watch over me and a the little ones!
With each day I feel your presence.
I know you are right beside me.
I know when I feel lost, you guide!
I know when I feel lonely, you hope!
I know you give me strength to do my deeds!
It is in you Dear Angel That I believe!
So when you are going to sleep each night,
Remember to Thank Your Guardian Angel
for guiding you to Heavens Light!

Sharon Carson


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