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Remembrance Angel

Have you forgotten who you truly are?

Create space during your day to connect with your soul

You need nothing but the ability to forget all that you are
in order to be open to remember who you really are.

You will see that without doing and simply by being you will grow closer to knowing and remembering all that is you.

You will also enable the free flow of creative energy and the manifestation of who you are into action

The Remembrace Angel would like to let you know that you are exactly who you need to be right now and nobody is judging you for whoever you are at this moment in time.


Forget who you are
Discover who you are
Be who you are
Know that you and universe simply are

Do not let others dictate who they want you to be
give yourself the gift of being uniquely you

To trust, to let angels guide you to exactly where you need to be right now,is a truly freeing embrace of your own spirituality.

Angelic Guidance is subtle and requires you to know and acknowledge the presence of angels in your life. You need to ask in order to receive. Once asked, you need to hone your senses, your listening skills, you ability to "see" with more than just your eyes. Trust that it is so and it will be so. That is the hardest step yet carries the sweetest renewal.

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