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Seraphim Angel

What are the Seraphim ?

Until the New Testament there were only two orders of angels
the Seraphim and Cherubim
seraphims are members of Choir 1 The First Triad
(Highest Triad of the Angel Hierarchy)

Origin of the Name Seraphim

root of "Seraphim" comes either from the Hebrew verb saraph ('to burn') or the Hebrew noun saraph (a fiery, flying serpent)
often referred to as "Fiery Serpents"

Appearance and Effects of Seraphim Angels

described as very tall, with six wings and four heads, one for each the cardinal directions
it is sometimes suggested that one pair of wings are for flying, one for covering their eyes
(so that seraphim angel may not look at god directly)

said that whoever lays eyes on a Seraph, he would instantly be incinerated due to the immense brightness of the Seraph. . , and one for covering their feet (which is almost certainly a euphemism for genitalia). They are in the direct presence of God.

Seraph Angels are said to be

highest order of God's Angelic Servants

beings of pure light
angels of love, light and fire
keep negative energy from getting through to divinity
shine so brilliantly with light that humans unlikely to see them
chant the Trisagion, "Holy, holy, holy..."

guidance for :

humanitarian and planetary causes

Well known Seraphim Angels


For an indepth look at the hierarchy of angels, the positioning and members of the triads, and information on origin and relationship you can view the Hierarchy table for Seraphim Angel here. It is fascinating to study the historic references available today. A lot of figurines picturing the seraphim have in modern times turned into valuable collectibles. Companies are adopting the name because it has a big magnetic pull toward the angelic realm, the highest connection to Source, To God, To all that Is. As far as the angelic order goes, one cannot get any closer to our creative force. It is a powerful feeling indeed, sometimes making me feel small and sometimes rising me up straight into the light. The journey continues...