Wedding Theme Angels

Wedding Theme Angels


Wedding Theme Angels, Invite the Angelic Realms to Bless your Wedding Union with Love and Light

Wedding Angels
What is a Wedding Angel?

a Wedding Angel oversees love relationships
often called a Relationship Angel, an Angel of Unity and overall an Angel of Love
every wedding couple gets assigned their own personal wedding angel who works in close relation with both partners guardian angels to make the union a happy one.
Relationship Angel
A Relationship Angel works with the individual's Guardian Angels
reinforcing the union. It gives additional guidance to each party
and oversees the work and higher purpose of the relationship

Famous Love Unity and Relationship Angels:

Shekinah is the Angel of unity and unconditional love
Archangel Michael is the Angel of Unity


Why invite your Angel to your Wedding?

Angels are messengers from god, source, all that is or whatever you wish to call the creative life force .
to ask the wedding angel to bless your personal union is to invite a lasting guardian into your married life blessed by source


How to Invite a Wedding Angel?

create a commitment ceremony
invoke your personal wedding angel and ask for its blessing of your marriage.
create a personal guardian angel wedding vow

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