Whats up on Planet Earth

Whats up on Planet Earth

"To be present, simply be, greeting each day as a new dawn of my ever expanding consciousness"

What is up on Planet Earth in Karen Bishop s own words

" For me, What's Up is a total and complete expression of all that I am and fits me perfectly in every way ... a complete open channel to uninterrupted and aligned source energy. This then, is an incredible joy for me. It is effortless. It is perfection. It is my bliss and who I am.

"The purpose, desire and passion behind What’s Up On Planet Earth?
is in bringing a higher level of evolutionary awareness to souls who are summoning this energy, and to connect and assist us during the now rapid ascension process many are experiencing."

What is Whats up on planet earth ?
Karen Bishop Intuitive Higher Realms Energy Alerts

For me following Karen Bishop Energy Alert Progress is Connection

It is amazing to see how by simple being yourself and allowing what is inside to be birthed outwards ones soul purpose and life expression finds its way out into the open.
I have been reading Karen Bishops energy Alerts for over 2 years now and continue to be amazed and nurtured by the alignment of her energetic perceptions with my own realms of experience.
Especially when i am caught in the valleys of my own darkness I find it soothing to connect with whats up on planet earth and again find myself aligned within a much wider circle then my own dark valley suggest in those times.

So Whats up on on Planet Earth

Karen Bishop describes the birth of Whats up on planet earth as follows:

"After many years on my healing journey, I began to speak up and people began to listen. Having experienced panic and anxiety, I found great comfort in seeing the higher meaning in things ... in reading energy from a higher dimension ... in knowing all was always in divine right order ... all was well. Experiencing panic and anxiety was the perfect contrast to guide me to my life's path.
Always on the cutting edge, I began walking, talking and BEING the evolution of ourselves and our planet. This seemed to be all that came out of my mouth!

It finally became apparent that I needed an outlet. As many were beginning to realize that something indeed was occurring on our planet, as well as having experienced a very dramatic, intense and early ascension process myself, a summoning was then created. Combined with the perfect culmination of my experience as a writer and a sensitive, with the vibration and knowing of well-being present within me (along with a New residency in the higher realms), with urging and support from my own soul connection and memories, spirit guides and human friends, and most importantly along with my own and others' apparent rapid evolution into higher states of being, What's Up On Planet Earth? was ready to be birthed.

whats up on planet earth karen bishop

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Whats up on the planet

Connecting with Bishop Karen, Author of
Staying in Alignment Book Life in the Higher Realm Series Two

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Connecting with Bishop Karen,
Author of Staying in Alignment Book Life in the Higher Realm Series Two Earth Planet Whats Up ?