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Work at home

Do you have a passion, a niche, a dream?

Would you love to be able to have a little website that actually attracts traffic rather than stay out in nowhereland?

This is where I started, with an idea but also with a lot of passion to make it work and not just sink into the millions of websites out there that nobody actually ever finds

But i am not a technically minded person, in fact quite challenged even by programming the video recorder at times :-) , yet I was determined to find an answer.

I am naturally quite good at research and enjoy comparing, extracting the necessary and valuable from the huge pile of information on offer and emerging with a concept.

But I arrived via an indirect route, by taking an artcourse that was facilitated by a fascinating woman named Marney. She recommended at company called SITESELL , started by one man , not a big corporation, that today offers thousands of passionate individuals an outlet for their dream, yet also focusses on making it a profitable dream, that sustains itself and does not require you to put in money, yet enables you to take some home

But see for yourself, here are casestudies of the work at home office angels, people that have made their passion, their niche , their dream come true, including myself, Lila* Star, Angel Gatheress :-)

"Office Angels " Who Work at Home

Have a look at the amazing array of sitesell casestudies, all kinds of men and women who share one thing in common, they are passionate about a subject and would love to share their knowledge with the world. Each one different, each one unique, but with more a huge number of sitesellers now topping the 1% of website traffic you simply have to be amazed.

Check out the owners 17 year old daughter who manages a simple little website yet gernerates quite a sizebbale income each month - simple by talking about their favourite holiday destination

Case Studies Sitesell

Traffic Test for Your Website

If you already have a website, take the Alexa Traffic test to see how your website fares amongst the 56 Million sites listed

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My own Angel Guide Website Casestudy

Angel Guide Website
Work at home Case Study

Office Angels
Creating My Angel Guide Website

It all started with an artcourse I took and galvanised into me being a fully fledged webdesigner. I wanted to work at home to be with my daughter and my family yet still be able to earn some extra money.

Back in April 2004 I signed up for a creative artcourse courtesy of Marney at Artella and soon was on my way expressing my own creativity. This course was teaching how to harness your inner creativity combined with the prospect about writing and selling an ebook teaching what I know.

Little did I know that 6 months later I was creating my second website, soon followed by starting my third.

I am passionate about rediscovering our own spirituality, the angelic kingdom and psychic as well as other extrasensory phenomena.So I gave the webbuilding company Solo Build It recommended by Marney a whirl and what an amazing ride it is: my first Website my second Website just started my third ( January 2005)

And I am loving it, I work at home, I play at home I am happy being a mom yet still able to exercise my brain. :-)


This is the traffic summary, having started the Angel Guide Website at the end of November 2004
with 2 visitor it averaged 134 visitors at the beginning of February and already climbed to 208 visitors a day .

That makes it a site in the top 1% of all 56 Million registered websites - all within 3.5 months- amazing


Site Built It - a one stop solution for people with a passion

To work at home ,whether it is raising gerbils you are good at, or whether you have the most fantastic strawberry recipes ever, if you are passionate about your topic you can build a little website and work from home, combining family life with earning extra income.

It works for selling hardgoods, creating your own ebay /aution store selling postage stamps to collectors, promoting other peoples and affiliates products and selling your own ideas as e-books, e-courses etc.

But if you are like me, and and have a wealth of knowledge about a topic your are passionate about ( angels and spirituality for me) then you can share your information, become an Infopreneur, turn your knowledge into a website that shares what you know and other people are interested in finding out about. If you have a local business that could benefit from webpresence that actually attracts further traffic SiteSell actually works. I had a website for my artstore for 6years and I got more traffic with the Angel Guide Site in 5 months then I got in 6 years on my artsite
Literally anybody can do it. What really impressed me that if a 16 year old girl can do it then so can I.

Its all about doing what you love, sharing what you know and enjoying it all immensly - well I certainly do and it has allowed me to keep me home with my daughter and my husband, yet earn an income at the same time.

Why I love SBI:

~ because it allows me to do what I really want to do, exercise my brain, earn money yet still be at home with my family
~ because I can work anywhere in the world, we travel a lot and the website is entirely build online, with a laptop the world is literally your oyster, I can work at my mums home, check for updates on hiliday, let somebody else work for me if I have a problem ( like my friend and I build each others sites , take a turn for a change)
~ because the help and support line is fabulous- when I struggle with PMT and comprehension problems :-) then there is alwasy a friendly , personal voice on the other end
~ because there a fab forums where you can share your ideas with other people who use SiteBuiltIt, and it feels like one big community and not isolation
~ because it feels good being an Infopreneur am able to share my passion and actually have a website that is not just out there and nobody finds it, all my work actually makes a difference

When I started flying with my web wings friends got curious too. Here are some of the Topic ideas they have had and successfully are building a little webbusiness around it :

My Friends Sites:
~ Started December 2005 already top 1%
one of my girlfriends and her two 10 year old daughters love castles and english history
check out there website here

~ Started 2.5 years ago Top 1%
the woman who got me all started, Marney at Artella, passionate about art, poetry and writing, well her site has been in the top 1% for 2 years.She offers fabulours creative workshops for artists and aspiring witers, The YOu-U -University course is what I took- and it spiraled my life to being a fully fledged webdesigner- and a happy one :-)
check out her site here

Free Resources I used whilst building my Site

SiteSell Value Exchange

This is what I use for increasing traffic to my site, the main idea with link exchanges is to link with
"on topic" sites so that they are more relevant when it comes to google spidering your site and linking you in.
You list keywords for your site ( ie tarot, tarot reading, tarot cards,
psychic, self -help, spirituality, divination , work at home, work from home, moms work at home etc) and whatever else you feel is relevant
Then people's websites with matching keywords are matched to yours and you
can exchange links if you feel the site is suitable. It has worked well for me
( it's a free program exchange to use)

Search It!

Search It! Wow I sometimes wonder what I ever have done without it. It is the only ecommerce-related search tool that you will ever need.Keep this open in the upper corner of your monitor, for 24 x 7 access and instant info-mining of the Web.

~ every search you could ever want, all in one spot( it opens up a little window on your desktop with powerful searches -before that I did not even know that you can minimise your time spent on google, or msn searchig through endless irrelevant stuff just by putting your seach querie into Quotes- ie try searchng for " angel scripts" instead of angel scripts without quotes- gets you to your relevant result much faster eliminating sites that have angels in one place and scripts in another but not relating to each other)

~ advanced searches pre-packaged easy to use, time saving and actually giving amazingly insightful results about website competions, content ideas and brainstorming keywords related to your topic

my most popular Search Categories are .
Keyword Brainstorming (substantial lead) ( when you want to know what people are actually searching for ie " work at home " or " work from home " , or " stay at home work " or " mom work from home " etc and what words they are using to find a specific item)
Keyword Research ( brainstorm words you never thought of related to your topic- thinking outside the box
ie you are researchin g " work at home " - so who actually looks for opportunities , dads work at home, moms work at home, maybe envelope stuffing comes up, or typist work at home - things you might never have thought of.)
Keyword Competition ( see what keywords people with similar sites are using)
Reference Library For Content ( search online librarys for content ideas for your site)

Try it for yourself - its free too

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