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Writing Automatic


Writing Automatic, Spirit, Ascended Masters,Higher Self and Angel Communications

writing automatic

Automatic Writing for Angel Communications
What are Angel Communications?

angels communicate with humans to transmit messages
communication between humans and spirit guides, ascended masters, angels and passed over humans in order to transmit messages
questions directly asked into the angelic realm are answered
a combination of the angels transmitting messages and the human receiving and interpretation them
mistakes can be made due to lack of symbolic knowledge, miscommunication, interference of conscious human mind
automatic writing is often used for communication with spirits, spirit guides and angels as well as guardian angels
more info on different types of angels communications

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is a tool for connecting and communicating with angels, guardian angels, archangels, spirit guides and or your higher self through writing.

It enables you to receive answers to questions important to you.

Writing automatic and indeed drawing automatic can be utilized to answer questions, seek guidance from he angelic realms

automatic writing is often done in a slightly altered state of consciousness

in some forms of this writing style the spirit manipulates the hand or pen of the writer, in this case the writer is often completely unaware of what has been written, and or the handwriting style does not look like he/she would normally write
some people utilize their "non-writing " hand to facilitate a stronger connection ( i.e. it is believed for some people this makes it easier to shut of the logical left brain)

the angels and spirits may also communicate by forming messages in the mind of the writer, which are then reproduced as perceived on the paper.

for some others yet the writing automatic is unconscious and messages areformed from material in the subconscious mind, from the higher self within you

How Automatic Writing Works with Angel Communications
angels assist with their energy to move our hand as we are writing down their thoughts
often all the words are joined together with no punctuation in order to write as fast as possible
when receiving angel communications , people are limited in what they can receive, depending upon the condition of their soul. Subjects which the person receiving is familiar with can be communicated extensively, but it’s more difficult to deliver information on subjects with which the person receiving has little or no prior knowledge
for receiving information on spiritual laws and truths, the person receiving needs to be more highly developed in his or her soul nature of universallove
How to Start Automatic Writing?

what is needed to start:
a quiet undisturbed space
a well writing pen and some paper or a journal
if you prefer to type then a keyboard on computer or typewriter

How to Start :
Start by getting yourself into a relaxed state of mind.
Take several deep breaths, do a short meditation if you are familiar with it.
When you feel yourself in a relaxed state, put your fingers to the keyboard or pen to paper
write the very first words that come into your mind.

Hints and Tips:
beginners to writing automatic are best of by trying with a specific question in mind
if you know who you would like to communicate with ( i.e. you have a name for your guardian angel, or a guided by an ascended master Esc) then address your question to that particular entity.
formulate you question and write into your journal or onto your paper
i.e. write :

Dear Archangel Michael,
Could you tell me please whether "xyz" is the best course of action at this time?

write the first words that pop into your mind
start to quiet any of upcoming thoughts, quiet your own mind and listen for the voice "in-between your own thoughts"
let your eyes "cloud over" a little bit
, so as you are slightly enter a different focus, a slightly altered state of awareness, consciously inviting spirit to talk to you
Don't think about your writing consciously.
Don't stop to read the sentence you have just written ( unless you feel your connection has finished or you conversation has come to an end)
Write as fast as the words come to you
Disregard spelling ,grammar, intellectual content- just let it flow, nobody ever needs to read this but you, so let all barriers go
Once you feel the conversation has come to a natural end -- breathe deeply and ground yourself ( the fastest method for grounding is to place the palms of your hands onto the earth and breathe out deeply)
Take some time to come back to your usual self, drink some water and settle down to reading your writing automatic writing is a fascinating process and can start with a few words and with practice entire book have been done by "writing automatic"

Try to do your automatic writing around the same time every day. Begin doing it for ten or fifteen minutes per session at the most. Soon, both your spirit-guides and your own mind will be trained to anticipate this particular time of the day for this communication, and you will find yourself able to fall right into the relaxed state of mind and into your automatic writing without delay.Once you are familiar with the sensation you can do it anywhere, anytime.

The most important step is to trust that what you are writing is actually coming from your spirit-guides and not from your own mind.

How do I know that it is not "my " writing?
notice the wisdom contained within the writing automatic words often sound different to the way you normally express yourself.
the sentence structure and often choice of foreign or not often used words are a tell-tale sign
the information you receive through writing automatically is often beyond your own personal knowledge .
With practice and consistency, you will gain the wisdom of the angelic realms and spirit guidance
The words often sound so different to others who are familiar with your writing style and are often recognized by outsiders( family, friends, spiritual circle members etc.) first
How do I know I communicate with Angels?

Angel communication come from love, and are never fear based.
They make loving suggestions but never give bossy orders

They often give you a feeling of warmth as they speak to your heart

Other forms of Automatic Writing

Drawing Automatic and Painting Automatic are other forms of automatic writing
these go beyond written messages
composing music can be communicated by the dead.
Individual people with little or no artistic training will suddenly feel compelled to paint or draw in "feeling. guided by a angels or spirit". Often the style of the work is of a professional standard, in many cases recognizble as "famous" artists works These "surrogate painters and composers" feel like "somebody else is guiding their hand .

Famous Automatic Writers
Rosemary Brown- England
renowned for musical compositions that she claimed were dictated to her by famous composers.(she received communications from late composer Franz Liszt)
Marguerite Du Pont Lee
claimis to have taken spirit photos as a direct result of communicating with that spirit through automatic writing.
Helen Smith
early 20th century psychic who claimed that her automatic writing was actually the attempt of Martians to communicate with Earth.

More information on Automatic Writing and Angels
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